TESTIMONIALS. Words from young teachers: “We don’t do this work to make money”

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First steps in the world of teaching … La Dépêche du Midi took the time to talk to Julie, Aurore, Mathieu and Charlotte who are exploring the teaching profession. The four explain to us their expectations, their aspirations, their outlook on the profession, but also, that is, their failures.

They are four who have made or are about to make their entry into the great world of education: Julie, Aurore, Charlotte and Mathieu have a passion for transmission that is anchored to the body. They embraced the teaching profession with overflowing enthusiasm, both torn between fears and hopes. “It’s undeniably a vocation, you have to be passionate”, underlines Charlotte, 28 years old.

The young woman, throughout professional re -training, prepares for her competition: “We are in front of naive children, curious to learn”. An idealized view of the profession? “When I was young, a teacher for me was someone who missed his life,” counterbalance with a smile Julie, a high school philosophy teacher for a year. In the speeches of our young interlocutors, the image of the teacher seemed underappreciated: “There is in the head the representation of the public servant pretending to work”, describes Aurore, 25, who aspires to be a teacher. economy. and social science in high school.

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“We have to change the representations !, thunders the young woman. This is a job that takes time and that is not just limited to courses. There’s the preparation of teaching hours, the proofreading of copies… ”Ultimately,“ it’s a job where you have a lot of work and where you’re not recognized for that ”, Julie added.


The pressure is especially real. Starting with the lack of time to properly develop the program: “We have to move forward and act as if all the students have understood, even if some remain on the floor”, deplores Julie. The ever-rising demands of parents of students are as follows: “We are also obligated to justify ourselves in the grades we give to students, which has serious consequences on our freedom of education” , testifies Mathieu, 23-year-old mathematics teacher in Créteil.

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The young man was also the first to speak about “precariousness”: “I am the so -called‘ TZR ’, a holder in the replacement zone. I don’t have a fixed position… It’s hard for me to know where I will work next month ”. Which very quickly leads to the salary question: “In Paris, with a teacher’s salary, we live but we don’t live well”, explains the young scientist. “Sure, you’re not doing the teacher’s job to make money,” sighs Aurore. We have a long and difficult training course, we do five years of study, to earn almost more than Smic. No matter, everyone will say: “In this business, self -realization comes before material realization.”

However, at the threshold of their careers, the promise of great prospects, mergers and certifications remains. “We have the opportunity to teach abroad or thrive within National Education”, Aurore wants to believe, confident. “In any case, it’s a job I’ve personally looked forward to exercising for the rest of my life,” Charlotte hopes.

What is the image of teachers?

A survey commissioned last month by the National Union of Teachers, School Teachers and PEGC (Snuipp Fsu). is interested in the image of the teaching profession in public opinion. According to the Harris Interactive study, most French believe that the teaching profession has a good image (56%) which is not the opinion of key stakeholders (only 19% follow this idea). When asked about their professional prospects, teachers seemed disillusioned: half of them are now considering leaving the world of teaching.

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