Kyndryl and NetApp Announce Partnership to Accelerate Business Migration to the Cloud

Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services, and NetApp®, a global cloud and data-driven software company, today announced a global partnership to help businesses transform their businesses by use of data stored on-site, in cloud computing and in edge computing environments.

So Kyndryl and NetApp will work together to support companies from all sectors in their desire to optimize their growth by improving their manageability and extracting unused value from unstructured data such as: text documents, photos, audio and video files, IoT sensors and other sources. .

By combining Kyndryl’s expertise in IT infrastructure and managed services, along with NetApp’s leadership in public clouds and edge-to-core-to-cloud, the two partners will develop new solutions to enable the businesses:

  • to access their data,
  • to analyze them
  • make the most of it across multiple platforms and clouds.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with NetApp. Our ambition is to help companies solve the most sensitive data and information system challenges, ”said Elly Keinan, President of Kyndryl Group.“ Thanks to our respective expertise and technological leadership, the companies all industries will quickly see their mission-critical applications move to the cloud, while extracting real value from data and modernizing their IT infrastructure. “»

The two partners will combine their knowledge based on more than 15 years of collaboration to develop innovative solutions that will enable companies to manage, analyze and optimize data to improve decision-making efficiency. .

Increasingly, the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of unstructured data, in conjunction with traditional structured data, is an integral part of data-driven business innovation. The strategic partnership between NetApp and Kyndryl helps jointly deliver mission-critical data infrastructure services that will accelerate business transformation and impact their markets while driving cloud adoption. said George Kurian, CEO of NetApp. ” This combined momentum and success across key industries has made it clear it’s time to take the next step with Kyndryl to collaborate to create solutions that address similar challenges across all data-based industries. »

Kyndryl and NetApp will also design innovative storage infrastructure services to give businesses more flexibility and versatility to make meaningful use of unstructured information to derive true competitive value from their data.

Additionally, Kyndryl and NetApp will work together to deliver additional solutions to better organize, manage and harvest information through better data management and new hybrid cloud services tailored to meet specific industry challenges, such as:

  • Automotive and production – speed up processes and better understand customer preferences.
  • Financial Services-improve customer satisfaction and provide more targeted offers.

About Kyndryl

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) is the largest IT infrastructure provider in the world. The company designs, manages and modernizes complex and critical information systems that depend on the world every day. Kyndryl’s approximately 90,000 employees serve more than 4,000 customers in more than 60 countries around the world, including 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

About NetApp

NetApp is a data-centric, cloud-based global software company that empowers businesses to win through data in the age of accelerated digital change. The company provides cloud systems, software and services that allow enterprises to run their applications efficiently from the data center, all the way to the cloud; whether they are developing in the cloud, migrating to the cloud, or creating their own on-premise cloud-like experiences. With solutions that work in diverse environments, NetApp helps companies create their own data fabric and securely deliver the right data, services and applications to the right people, anytime, anywhere.

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