In Envoyé Spécial, these people who make a life annuity as their real estate business and seem to be waiting for the death of the owners to earn thousands of euros surprised the viewers of France 2

From the beginning of the “Envoyé Spécial” report focused on the life annuity, we found that the latter was in full boom, with an increase of 10% per year for two years. “Because of the confinement, the elderly do not want to go to nursing homes, we understand them. They want to stay home as long as possible, “said Anne-Sophie Lévy, director of infertility real estate who specializes in life annuities. However, such a life annuity doesn’t really have good press, Élise Lucet even yields. of “a sulfurous reputation”, an image of “profiteering” for those who practice it.As a reminder, a life annuity is a real estate sale in which a person, generally quite elderly, sells his or her home to a third person in exchange for a life annuity, while generally retaining the right to remain there.The report of “Envoyé Spécial” does not really contradict this negative trend even if, logically, in a life annuity, everyone finds his account there as Anne-Sophie Lévy notes: “the life annuity allows the seller to stay in the home and to increase its income and for the buyer to make a safe investment.” .

On the topic “Envoyé Spécial”, we discover Nathalie falls in love with a farmhouse. If it went through the life annuity, it would be “at 50, the banks don’t lend well. And for a house like Vincent’s, I can never afford it. It’s a dream that will remain a dream for the rest of the world.” part of my life. ” The house is estimated at 176,000 euros. It’s cheaper because Vincent, 77, will cover it until his death. If she buys this house, Nathalie will have to pay a bouquet (which could be 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 euros …), an amount determined by both parties, then a monthly annuity until the end of Vincent’s life. Enough to allow sellers to increase their retirement a bit. For Vincent, who has a 570 euro monthly pension, he will receive 3000 euros per month. Until his death therefore, and it is certainly there that life annuity poses a problem for many people, in terms of morality.

A woman wrapped in madeleines

A life annuity can actually be considered a death bet. It doesn’t stop some from making it their business, like Pascal, 52 years old. Business manager, he started buying life in 2017. Now he already has four properties and he has plans to buy others to increase his wealth. “You have to have a crush on the house in question but, most of all, you have to be happy with the sellers because we have to live as long as possible. We will be chained to the end of one of us. Thus, Pascal will visit the apartment with terrace of Michel and Huguette, 78 and 81, in Bordeaux, for the long-term purpose of rent. But age and state of health leaves him confused. Huguette to 1700 euro pension and Michel 3400 euro. And Michel doesn’t want to leave Huguette unprepared if he dies. Hence the idea of ​​life annuity. With a bouquet of 142,000 euros and a monthly pension of 992 euros. It was too much for Pascal to want to reduce the return and raise the bouquet. He wants to get rid of the notion of “bet”. Despite his speech, viewers of “Envoyé Spécial” feel a certain anxiety watching what they consider an “embarrassing” practice because there are also other people helping people like Pascal to achieve good step in life, depending on the age and possible death of the current owners. The sequel will strengthen them in their emotions.

The reaction of Isabelle, 52, Vincent’s daughter who sold her house to Nathalie, will shock viewers of “Special Envoy”: “I was pissed first because the Vendée is over, goodbye money too that my sister and I could have recovered. at home if we thought of selling.After reflection, dad will do what he wants with his agent, it’s up to you.Vincent will share his 25,000 euros bouquet between his daughters and his grandchildren.And keep the monthly allowance to travel around the world.This report on life annuity will end with a news story: a 62-year-old man will suffocate in madeleines the person he would have bought the life annuity from, when he was already living there because the seller entered in a nursing home.We let you discover the rest of this somewhat surprising event.

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