Holidays for young people and students: how to save on bookings?

It’s time for vacation reservations. But, it is not easy for students to go somewhere without breaking the bank.

How to vacation on a tight budget? Here are some tips to save money on your next trip as a student. MCE TV announced everything from A to Z!

Price comparisons for the holidays

Whether it’s for your trips by plane, train, or even your accommodation, feel free to use comparators. These platforms allow you to set your standards andperform a targeted search from the beginning. This should save you time and money.

  • Skyscanner,
  • last minute
  • Trivago,
  • Hostelworld,

Lots of sites for you leave on a whim or by settling in advance.

Promotional offers

There are websites where you can find your happiness at a lower price! The concept is simple and many consumers use it (including students). The Bravopromo platform is the reference in this field. On this website, you can perform an accurate search to find the best discount codes at:

  • residence,
  • flight,
  • train tickets,
  • museum tickets,
  • an attraction,
  • a cultural event (concert, play, cinema)

In other words, all you have to do cheap vacation!

So the system is simple: the platform gives you access to promo codes that you can enter when paying for your product. Inquiry applies and you will pay your purchase at a lower price.

Also, if you still don’t know what or where to book, the category Travel and Vacations lists all the offers you can take advantage of to visit the world without spending huge amounts!

Holidays for young people and students: how to save on bookings?

The ANCV is focused on young people

L ‘National agency for holiday vouchers set up a system to combat being precarious of young people. Therefore, this financial assistance intended for 18-25 years of age and can climb to 200 € (or even € 300 in some specific cases), as part of funding a reservation.

Young people eligible for this program meet certain criteria and also fall into certain categories.

The students concerned are:

  • scholarship holder,
  • apprenticeship students
  • work-study students

Ang active youth also, if their taxable income is less than € 17,280 Every year.

The beneficiaries are also:

  • ang second time student at school,
  • civic service volunteers,
  • the beneficiaries of the youth guarantee,
  • and those followed by child welfare.

It works by going to one of the sites dedicated to this program. This includes more than 10,000 destinations. So this is an opportunity to note that this assistance is only possible with regard to booking accommodation. Transportation remains the responsibility of the beneficiary. If they choose, young people can leave for shelter in the mountains and for winter sports, but also at sea and in prestigious cities and capitals!

Plans that students are unaware of and yet effective

In collaboration with the ANCV, the program Departure 6:25 pm gives you access to help from up to € 250. As part of the public policies of social cohesion, this program aims to allow full vacation leave. young people aged 18 to 25. This category of population is therefore the one that at least take a vacationdue to lack of resources.

Woofing, for productive holidays

Some may tell us that this is not a real vacation, but the truth is it is going on “softening” is an effective way to… leave! So the principle is simple: engage in your host’s activity or give him help with his daily routine. In return, you can be placed and/or fed.

Concrete examples? The parents of a family start a new activity and less time give their children ; you can deal with it several hours a day. One or more people restructuring a building or a farm? For you to help them with their work. It remains to be found good formula and friendly relationshipthen you can cast!

Article in collaboration with BravoPromo.

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