Gérard Holtz tells us his secrets

FIGARO LIVE – The former voice of sport on television will be released this month, along with his son Julien Holtz, a book titled 100 Myths: Conquering the Impossible, published by Gründ. Guest of “Buzz TV”, he takes the opportunity to share some unusual anecdotes.

TV MAGAZINE. – The book you wrote with your eldest child is called 100 Myths: Conquering the Impossible. In fact, your book has 102. Is this proof that you had the greatest difficulty in choosing them?
Gerard HOLTZ. – We couldn’t hold back! It was very difficult to choose, as we first compiled over 250 stories. Then, we decided to focus on the personalities who started great adventures: the sportsmen, the first in the mountains, or on the water. I love history, so I specialize in stories of the past. Meanwhile, Julien focuses on more contemporary exploits. Each news is accompanied by a beautiful picture. I myself am amazed at the stories told in this book.

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Why did you decide to focus on these extreme men and women?
I have always loved to share good stories. I used to do it on television, now I do it on stage with my show Vive le sport… et ses petits secrets !, as well as in this book. I say the fate of Bruce McCandless. We forgot the name of this American, but this person has reached heights of emotion, tension, and control. He first appeared in the space capsule without a cable in 1984. This astronaut became a satellite, so in the picture, we can see the Earth behind him. It’s really overwhelming to have such courage!

“I dived into Yannick Noah’s swimming pool half naked”

Gérard Holtz, guest of “Buzz TV”, Friday May 20, 2022.

What will be the theme of your next book?
Together with Julien and an editorial team, we are preparing three books for next year. We will dedicate one to the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This will be a great book where there will be all the explanations on the regulations, the evolution of cars, helmets, and drivers. At the end of the year, I will be releasing a book about rugby, as this will be the World Cup. As in France, right now, we almost have the best players in the world, we will enjoy. And finally, there will be another tennis publication, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Yannick Noah’s win at Roland-Garros. It was really one of the biggest parties of my life. We finished at 8 am in Nainville-Les-Roches, near Fontainebleau.

What happened that night?
After the final, I present Stage 2. As we adore each other and he has become my friend, very kindly, Yannick Noah comes to our set when he was asked from everywhere. At the end of the live, he told me he was celebrating at home. He invited me. I got on the motorcycle around 9 pm, and I went to his house where there was a large swimming pool. Telephone group is among the guests. There was a little rum, and sangria. Yannick started singing, and I had pictures of this moment when I was half naked, and I was diving, like everyone else, into the water.

“I’m not going back to television”

Gérard Holtz, guest of “Buzz TV”, Friday May 20, 2022.

Is it possible we can find you one day on the air, in the controls of a sporting competition?
No, I turned the page for love and I will never go back. I decided to quit, even though France Télévisions president Delphine Ernotte wanted to give me a separate contract so I could stay beyond my 70s. He told me I was a brand, and he wanted to keep me being a consultant. I refused, I told him I had finished my time. Make way for young people! My husband was just assigned to Villa Medici in Rome, as director. We were together, and I couldn’t afford to leave him. And then, most of all, I planned to make books and play in the theater.

You still live in Nice, with your husband, who is in the world of theater.
Her name was Muriel Mayette-Holtz, because she kindly took my name. This caused a problem, moreover, for some Comédie-Française actors where I keep a dog of my dog. He was criticized for taking my name because I am a journalist … Unusual. Today, he is the director of the National Theater of Nice. Tonight, we will experience a big event in Nice, as it is opening a new room called La Cuisine. Viewers will be able to attend Bérénice, by Jean Racine, along with, among others, Carole Bouquet.

“It’s hard to explain how much machismo was when I came to the sports department of France Télévisions”

Gérard Holtz, guest of “Buzz TV”, Friday May 20, 2022.

France Télévisions’s sports department has more women than ever before. Is this enough?
Finally! It’s hard to explain how much machismo was when I came to the sports department. Amazing! We had Michèle’s assistant, Josette, Robert Chapatte’s secretary, and Christine Cusin, the sole publisher. And even that! He was at the end of the table and he had to justify himself. It was horrible. I heard phrases from some of my colleagues at the time, which were really unbearable. The elders said you should never put a woman’s voice in a commentary, never woman on the side, and not even for reports. Marianne Mako, who was a great football specialist, was removed from TF1 under the influence of the famous football commentator at the time. Now, fortunately, everything has changed, and it feels good to hear a rugby consultant explain to us why there is a penalty. But the battle continues!

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Nelson Monfort recently revealed in an interview with Télé Star Play that he earns less than 10,000 euros per month. Is this your case?
Yes, it is the public service salary and there are grids. For me I received 23,000 francs, probably less, when Bouygues and Berlusconi offered to put an additional zero on my salary. They also offered me a company car and a cell phone. I, the son of a leather craftsman, was on the ground but it was surprising. I almost signed up for TF1 to be the boss of sports and events. But the Telethon offered me. I called my friend Claude Sérillon because we offered to present him together, and I thought it was a good thing. Not just money in life! It was played for about an hour.

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