10 years of MHSC / Dadou title: “I had the impression of being a champion of French comics”

Dadou, furious at MHSC. (© CN / Metropolitan)

Dice is undoubtedly one of the greatest enthusiasts MHSC. Ten years ago Montpellier won the French championship, his life changed. Beyond the overwhelming satisfaction of the supporter, his dream to be designer was realized in that person by the grace of a vision and the love of a man, Louis Nicollin. Since then, Dadou has happily sketched his heart club in his comics, on Midi Libre or on social networks and generally live sport on Eurosport broadcasts.

Where were you 10 years ago on title night?

I live with a childhood friend I have not seen in a long time in an apartment on the Place de la Comédie. I was ahead of the crowd before going up to watch the game in his seat. Interestingly there was a bit of a lag between the TV, which was a bit ahead, and the giant screen. On the second goal, we seemed to go crazy in the apartment and I came out on the balcony shouting. I kind of broke the goal and, ironically, you can hear me screaming in the title video made by Rémi Gaillard. When I got off, I partyed all night, I greeted them at the airport like a real supporter.

What does this title represent?

This was the culmination of the enormous sacrifice of an extraordinary type Louis Nicollin. It represents the success of a family club, of someone who put all their soul and money into the club, the year when all the football I didn’t like came: business football, Qatar football, 21st football century … It’s the small against the big, values ​​against money, the love of jerseys against mercenaries …

And personally, Montpellier supporter, grandson of the president of an associative football club, son of a trainer, passionate about the ball, I find myself doing a comic strip because I am fed up with the media showing Louis Nicollin through his statement they saw. vulgar as I found them quite straightforward. I spent my summer doing this and I will be going to the president on September 1st. The championship started three days ago, we were first and I told him that we would be the champions of France by the end of the season. First time we meet. He thought I was mad and we became inseparable from that moment on. I talked to him every day and until his last days I was there. I had the opportunity, as a Montpellier supporter, to live all year behind the scenes of MHSC and Louis Nicollin. It was a waking dream. And when the players became the champion of France, I kind of became the champion of France in comics. It launched my career, my life …

What made you think Montpellier would be the champion of France?

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I’m sure of it because I saw it while doing the comics. The championship hadn’t even started so I had a flash. Then it was three that it was the same team. As a football fan, a club that maintains its membership has results in its third year. Finally, when I saw the match in Lille where Laurent Pionnier was playing an insane match and we returned three points when it was an insane hold-up. I told myself we had the baraka and we would be champions. That’s why I’m so sincere in telling Louis Nicollin, I really believe in him.

So how much did you bet and win?

Unfortunately, I’m not a money person. I saw on an English site that if I bet € 100 on the day I announced it to Louis Nicollin, I would win € 100,000. But that year I earned more than money. I won everything because I became a full-time cartoonist and saw amazing things. My life has completely changed.

Before this episode, as an MHSC supporter, did you think one day you would see France’s Montpellier champion?

No. I thought winning the European Cup was great. We always have a dream inside. Also, if I hadn’t dreamed of life, I would never have been a designer. So yes I believe in the dream but honestly I didn’t think so.

It’s also part of the pleasure of supporting a team like Montpellier.

Exactly. We are at National which I will continue to encourage the team. I think that’s the pleasure of supporting. I can’t understand PSG fans being content with being champions for the tenth time. With this money and this group, it has no interest. I’m not fond of big teams. Even though I happen to still be playing Playstation, I take a small team. I loved Montpellier, we struggled and we got there. This is extraordinary and hopefully we will revive it someday.

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