XFusion organized a summit of European partners under the theme “Together for a better future”

PARIS, May 19, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – On May 19, XFusion held its first European Partner Summit 2022 in Paris, with the theme “Together for a Better Future”. For this purpose, the XFusion Digital Technologies Co., Ltd. invited dozens of key partners from more than 10 countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and other countries in the Nordic to discuss the future and a new operation of industry value.

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Mr. Terry Fang, President of Global Marketing and Sales for xFusion, gave a welcome speech on behalf of xFusion. Intel and other partners shared the latest concepts and practices of the European digital economy with particular attention to topics such as industrial digitization and intelligentization, and made suggestions for the development of digital industrial intelligence.

Collaboration with partners for a new European digital ecosystem

Europe is beginning the transition from the digital economy era to the digital and smart era, as digitization and “smarting” serve as new drivers of global economic growth in the post-pandemic era. Due to the growing market demand for computing power, smart and high-quality development is a major trend in the IT industry.

Frank Qin, XFusion’s General Manager for Europe, said in his speech, “The European market represents one of the most important markets for the global IT industry, offering not only massive market space but also quality and leading technological innovation.Throughout our experience, we have partnered with our European partners in this territory and provided high quality smart computing products, solutions, and services to many customers in Europe.Loyal to the spirit of its innovation and beyond its limits, xFusion has now sailed to Europe.We are determined to continue to deliver value to our customers and partners in Europe with more focused, innovative and integrated concepts and practices, so we contributing to the digital transformation of the industry in Europe. “

The partners in Europe are not only acting as cooperation partners but also as “corporate partners” for XFusion. The XFusion increases its investment partners in Europe in the face of a market of infinite possibilities. When forming the partnership, the XFusion follows the idea of “to create value and achieve growth together by sharing the same beliefs.» In providing services to clients, xFusion is committed to the following principles: “partner priority for shared growth and integrity”. XFusion supports European partners to take advantage of weather opportunities and achieve smart and high-quality upgrades of the European digital economy in all sectors to stay ahead of development.

“Time gives us new opportunities. I would like to appreciate the recognition and support of our key partners during the summit. Furthermore, we hope that other partners will join us on the path to European entrepreneurship. Let us explore, create and share a better future together! »

At the Summit, XFusion’s European partners announced its overall business, products, services and success in Europe, including France. Under the “priority partner” market development strategy XFusion has provided training to local partners to improve their competitiveness.

At the summit, Intel noted that XFusion, as an important partner, plays an important role in IT infrastructure, and Intel will continue to deepen technical cooperation with XFusion to innovate and drive digital innovation for end customers in Europe.

Enhance innovation in research and development and collectively create new industrial value

Continued increase in innovation and investment for research and development has brought together xFusion’s industry-leading computing power infrastructure and services. That’s why after two decades of accumulation, xFusion server products still enjoy the trust of customers. XFusion is one of the world’s leading providers of computing power infrastructure and services. XFusion currently employs more than 2,000 people, works with more than 3,100 partners, 7 regional departments and 5 supply centers around the world, and owns more than 2,000 patents.

Today, thousands of xFusion engineers continue to be dedicated to building industry-leading computing power and service capabilities. Additionally, nine central labs are under construction, covering thermal design, reliability, green power, and more.

During the Summit, XFusion held the Certificate Authorization Ceremony and first Sale Award Ceremony for the first group of European partners, to appreciate their support and willingness to develop together. Representatives of key partners shared their stories and feelings of success working with XFusion, and attested to the product competitiveness, quality and reliability, and end-to-end technical guarantee of FusionServer’s XFusion products and solutions. .They hope to grow and develop together with XFusion, and are full of confidence and hope for future cooperation.

Successful summit, but continue the win-win cooperation

The European Partner Summit 2022 organized by xFusion has successfully concluded, while the training of xFusion and European partners exploring frontiers and collaborating to create, earn and share together in digitalization will not end. In fact, xFusion is committed to being a trusted and innovative partner for European businesses in the digital innovation of the future. XFusion aims to provide customers with integrated, diversified and all-scenario intelligent computing products and solutions through continuous innovation, to enable users ’businesses to become more stable, efficient and smart.

Based on global vision, hard work and in-depth industry knowledge, xFusion will continue to work with global customers and partners to accumulate development power through various initiatives such as green policies, technical skills and talent training, to jointly promote the high-quality development of the global digital economy and tap the smarter digital value.

Together for a better future, xFusion is working together with its partners of unlimited possibilities in the digital world!

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