“We’re not driving with wrecks, they want to make money!”

First postponed and then suspended by the government, technical control of the two-wheelers will be set up in France as it was originally planned, on October 1, 2022. A news that did not please many users.

This is news that will not delight two -wheeler users, but meets environmental associations: the technical inspection of two -wheelers will be mandatory on October 1, 2022, for vehicles registered before January 1, 2016.

The decision came summary judge of the State Council, who ruled on Tuesday May 17 by making mandatory on October 1, 2022 technical control of two -wheeled vehicles over 125 cm3. Unlicensed vehicles are also affected.

In the face of the outcry of bikers in the summer, the government first postponed the date of entry into force until January 1, 2023, then suspended the proposal until further notice.

In response, several environmental associations (Ras le Scoot, Paris without vehicles, Respire) took the State Council to punish this cancellation. Today, the interim judge of the State Council has decided, and associations such as “Respire” (Association National for Maintaining and Improving Air Quality) accept the decision:

Tony Renucci, president of the Respire Association, expressed his satisfaction: “It’s an action that we wanted. You should know that the two-wheeler fleet, it’s 2.9 million vehicles which is aging, with an average age of 12.5 years, which is a source accidentality, which is a source of atmospheric pollution and noise pollution … When these machines did not meet the standard and were not stopped, it was therefore necessary to act and not back down from this measure.

Bikers from Mâcon were asked on the subject, they remained divided on the subject. For Jean-Michel, this control would be useful, but … “Vehicles are always a problem. There are always vehicles that do not meet safety standards, but again, this is an opportunity to raise money in a systematic way, from the French citizenry.”

For Serge, his opinion is more categorical: “A motorcycle, we keep it well! We don’t ride wrecks! They want to make money!”

For motorcycle dealers, size is probably “Worthless”. Jocelyn Lécuelle, dealer and repairer of motorcycles in Charnay-lès-Mâcon also estimates the early proposal: “It’s a bit early to put everything in, it takes time. It’s too early for all the technical inspectors to be trained. They’re just little or no equipment. Still don’t know the profession or the repair of motorcycles what to do. Happen. It’s a bit. it’s all confusing. “

The repairman believes this control has not been adapted to reality, as most motorcyclists are “responsible” and maintain their vehicle. In addition, it is in the organization of the inspection that the repairer considers that there is a defect: “As planned, it’s a good idea, but badly applied. It might be something out of step with reality. A motorcycle technical control, it will always have to go through a roadside check, which is not done by car. Today, will a “technical controller can ride a motorcycle, will he be trained? The free checks that we offer before the driving season, there, we will pay them. For my part, that will not change, we will continue to offer them.”

The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has campaigned against this technical control, promoting road tests and education, but not repression. Christian Allaume, deputy coordinator of the FFMC of Saône-et-Loire, expressed his disappointment: “We previously worked with the Ministry of Transport for alternative measures of this technical control. A serious motorcyclist, he regularly controls his vehicle. He no longer has to pay more, for additional control! Moreover, the motorcycle is a tool that makes traffic more fluid, less polluting, we favor interfile! ”

The bikers have no intention of stopping there. The Federation of Saône-et-Loire is calling for mobilization by the end of the month.

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