One to midnight for the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Midnight minus one to save the Church of the Very Holy Sacrament, Catherine Dorion believes.

The Québec solidaire member reiterated, on Wednesday, his support for the preservation and upgrade of the emblematic building on Chemin Sainte-Foy. With the same breath, it invites citizens to show their support for classifying the building as a heritage asset.

The MNA for Taschereau suggests writing to Minister Nathalie Roy. He also proposed to present his views Wednesday night at a special meeting of the Saint-Sacrement neighborhood council.

The provincial government has until May 27 to decide. So there are only about ten days left to wait before this important moment. Hurry up.

“People don’t want to destroy churches. They still have in their hearts the demolition of the Saint-Coeur-de-Marie church. This perspective is very widespread in the population, ”said Ms. Dorion.

“The battle is at a strategic moment now. In the ways we have, we must mobilize the interest of the people and invite them to unite their voices.»

A structuring project

In making this tour, Catherine Dorion reiterated her support for SOS Saint-Sacrement/Espace communautaire Saint-Sacrement and the founder, Louis Bélanger.

According to him, the community conversion of the church will be possible to address the issue of lack of places in the sector.

“We are in a housing crisis. It’s hard to find slots in the city and pick them up. We have a noticeable lack of space, and there is a large empty church right next to the Loisirs Saint-Sacrement, which is definitely lacking in space, ”the MP pointed out for Taschereau.

“We really need community spaces in Quebec. The desire for community is present here. »

The church’s heritage classification will also allow SOS Saint-Sacrement/Espace communautaire Saint-Sacrement to have access to public funding to carry out its project, again according to his words.

“Everything is there, everything is in place to develop the project. What is missing is the support of the government and Minister Roy, ”said the local MNA.

“The fund will be used to preserve a space and all kinds of community projects that will be good for children, for the elderly, for active people, for everyone. It’s not money thrown out the window. In addition, it will keep alive the built heritage which is so structuring for the district, ”he continued.

“The project will be structural from the point of view of a city planner and from the point of view of man.»

Who is telling the truth?

For its part, the parish of Bienheureuse-Dina-Bélanger maintains that the Eglise du Très-Saint-Sacrement cannot be repaired due to its advanced state of decay.

The supporting MP does not buy this argument, which is part of rotate organizational media “, he says.

“The first echoes of the expert report commissioned by SOS Saint-Sacrement tell us that this is not the truth”, he indicated.

“Yes, there are renovations that need to be done, as in any building of this kind, which is temporarily uninhabited, but it is not really the end of the world.

Ms. can’t think. Dorion is the Saint-Sacrement district without the church.

“What would the district of Saint-Sacrement be without its church? “, He wondered.

From the church begins the life of the neighborhood with its pedestrian streets and shops.

“It’s a neighborhood center, just like churches are village centers. When you make a church a condo or office tower, you cut off the head of a neighborhood. Even worse there, the whole identity of the neighborhood suffers, ”he said.

“The church is the symbol of the district. It’s like his postcard. When you break the emblem, you hurt the whole neighborhood. »

The destruction of the Eglise du Très-Saint-Sacrement will be a very sad event, ”concluded Catherine Dorion.

“We must not forget that in Quebec, the churches, the citizens have taken care of them all these years. Ultimately, this is a heritage that is not just factory owned, it is a heritage owned by Quebecers, to the citizens of the Saint-Sacrement district, ”the MP recalled.

“We can’t just tell ourselves that the factory needs money, alas, we really need to build a condo tower. This is a very difficult view. »

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