new service to facilitate the creation of advisory boards for Deeptech startups

Bpifrance and the actors of the Deeptech ecosystem have announced the launch of a unique service to allow Deeptech startups to set up their “advisory board”. This new service complements the tool for recruiting founding partners available on the “Les” platform, the centralized portal for information, manufacturing and networking tools for Deeptech startups.

The Deeptech Plan entrusted by the State to Bpifrance in 2019 aims to release, through massive mobilization of resources, 500 Deeptech startups per year by 2030, to create the industrial leaders of tomorrow. The ultimate goal is to achieve the emergence of 10 Deeptech unicorns by 2025 and 50 industrial sites per year by 2030.

In the face of these ambitious goals, human issues are central, particularly the ability of creators who often come from research to surround themselves with complementary skills. In support of this observation, according to a survey conducted by Bpifrance on 1,200 entrepreneurs, Deeptech startups created with a group of complementary profiles (scientific and business) increase their chances of earning of funds of 50%. Surrounding yourself is therefore an important success factor for the growth of Deeptech projects.

So, in September 2021, Bpifrance launched, in collaboration with approximately twenty players in the transition and innovation of technology, the “Les” platform, specifically providing the tool to facilitate meetings of leaders of projects from the scientific world with entrepreneurs with business or entrepreneurship experience, to form the Deeptech startup management team.

This first tool has achieved great success:
– 1,550 “business profile” candidates in the national talent pool
– 116 offers published by Deeptech project leaders
– 30 successful associations

For now, Deeptech project leaders will find a new service on the platform that addresses a real need of the ecosystem: “Tango”, a recruitment service for setting up advisory boards, to accommodate the creators of the surround to strengthen the strategic thinking and development of their project.

The advisory board (advisory committee in French) is an independent collective of professionals, chosen for their individual and collective ability to challenge a company’s problems. This allows the founding team to gain height and distance from their activities and the axes of startup development. An advisory board is different from a board of directors: the partners remain masters on the board, there is no hierarchical link between the two parties. Thus, the advisory committee can freely communicate with the directors, usually during meetings (on average five times a year). The founding team, in part, will choose whether or not to follow the board’s recommendations.

For Pascale Ribon, Director of Deeptech of Bpifrance: “Beyond its impact on the life of the company, the advisory board has many benefits. For its members, they are allowed to participate in topics of high entrepreneurial impact. In addition, for deeptech startups, having an advisory board set up represents a strong asset vis-à-vis the company’s partners: shareholders, investors, banks, customers. »

This new “Tango” service is designed and conceptualized by the ecosystem. In fact, Deeptech startups can put online a description of the profiles of the “mentor” they want to recruit. These descriptions will be distributed to a large panel of potential candidates who can contact the startup. The service also provides a corpus of documents (guides, standard documents, etc.) to facilitate the relationship.

“Tango” aims to create 150 advisory boards per year and aims to bring together a community of 1,500 advisory candidates.

Find the new “Tango” service on the Les Deeptech platform:

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