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As with every new generation of console, it all starts with a long period of questioning. Which console should I choose? Then begins a long period of study where I read the various tests, the comparisons, the opinions of the players.

I’ll admit, after falling for the first Xbox, I went back to the Playstation universe, with the PS3 then the PS4. So when Microsoft and Sony announced the Xbox Series and PS5, the choice wasn’t easy. But after careful consideration, I decided to leave Japan to fly to the United States. What conclusions can be drawn after a year of experience? Here is my opinion.

Attention! Far from me to activate console war. This is to prove my personal experience. Also, this role is completely subjective.

My experience is summarized in the video

Why did I buy the Xbox Series X?


Usually, I don’t buy next-gen consoles in the first weeks of marketing. But the context of scarcity and (especially) the hype that inspired me for this generation shook my habits. So I shortened the stage of my meditation before turning to the Xbox Series X.

Why is the model like this? First, change. After 10 years in the Playstation universe, I want a change. I’m tired of the Japanese console interface, the gameplay sensations on the DualShock 4, and Sony’s policy that, let’s face it, drives you to get your hands on the wallet.

At the same time, I’ve seen Xbox users praise the merits of the controller as being more ergonomic. More importantly, American console fans continue to talk about the Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix type of video game. So I turned to the Xbox Series Xmore powerful than the S Series but also equipped with a very useful 4K UHD blu-ray player for the blu-ray consumer that I am.

Navigating a new interface also weighs in on the balance, as well as the console design, which I found more than I wanted. And that’s not to mention the size of the machine, which is more compact than the PS5.

Finally, I must say, the announcements of exclusive PS5 games aren’t too many. So I told myself I could try the Xbox adventure and wait for the catalog of exclusive PS5s to expand to become a Digital Edition model. The health crisis is obligatory, after a few weeks of patience and a few missed sales, I bought an Xbox Series X.

What kind of player am I?

Xbox Series X Controller Batteries

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Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seems important to me to specify that I am not one of those hardcore gamers. The game I chose was mainly centered on big licenses (Fifa, Call of Duty, Last of Us, Halo etc.) and a few nuggets I hear in specialized media rankings. Basically, I’m what you call a casual gamera very mainstream player.

So I don’t play every day but a few hours a week when I have free time. Besides FPS and sports games, I was mostly interested in the stories and world of the games I played. These aspects are important to me. Of course, gameplay plays an important role in my gaming experience.

It’s also likely for these reasons that I spent many years on the Playstation, Sony’s catalog that included many games that met my standards.

By buying the Xbox Series X, so I told myself I was losing out on the games that had accumulated on the Playstation over the years. But having a Game Pass has allowed me to discover other games and try them out without risking breaking the bank at every opportunity. So it’s unthinkable for me to be offered Series X without it being associated with a Game Pass subscription.

Xbox Game Pass, my love

Games Codemasters Game Pass August 2021

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Releases of next generation games are not coming, so I decided to enter the wonderful universe of Game Pass. I don’t have the budget to repurchase the (non-exclusive) games I have on the PS4. Also, I felt like paying a little more than that 130 euros to access a catalog of hundreds of games is an interesting investment (especially when you know that a PS5 game costs 70/80 euros).

Requires Containment, so I was able to have fun by installing games I already knew but also tasting the fun of trying out other games without financial pressure. For over a year, I was able to dig as much as I wanted from a well -stocked catalog and discover some nuggets I would never be interested in before.

And with the speed Microsoft is moving forward, Game Pass is of more interest. I think it still represents the future of video games, especially since with my Ultimate offer, I can also play my games on the go thanks to xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, from my Mac or my iPad. A pleasure.

In addition to the big licenses I’m used to, I’ve discovered great games like Back4Blood or Twelve Minutes. I also discovered that It take two, voted best game of the year, and available on Game Pass at the end of 2021. I think I can’t enjoy the Xbox Series X without Game Pass. Because of this subscription, I play more often, with more fun, like when I was a teenager.

Microsoft Xbox Series X at the best price
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My opinion after a year on the Xbox Series X

Hello Xbox Series X

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Before going into the act of buying, I must admit that I have some doubts about the experience that awaits me. I left a universe I knew, I decided to shelve dozens of games and I no longer had the opportunity to play online with my friends, everyone still owns a PS4.

Finally, I really don’t regret my choice. The Xbox interface is more pleasing to me than the Playstation, the controller is more comfortable and ergonomic and the Xbox Game Pass with xCloud is undoubtedly the Xbox’s biggest asset.

And things are unlikely to change. Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. A historic operation that will change the video game landscape. By choosing the Xbox Series X, so I made the best choice for this generation of consoles. And the fact that my friends also ended up doing the same thing proves my choice.

That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the PS5, though. When my finances allow it, I’ll probably indulge in the PS5 Digital Edition, just to play exclusive console games. So I still have a lot of time ahead, especially as the shortfalls are on track to continue until 2023.

Sony PS5

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