“I want to be free and breathe above all”

In Nicolas Bedos ’new film,“ Mascarade ”, Isabelle Adjani plays a bittered star. A mismatched role proved by this interview in which the star engages in humor and simplicity.

Match in Paris. In “Mascarade”, the film by Nicolas Bedos, you play as a former big star. Is it fun to play in a way of self -mockery?
Isabelle Adjani. Martha is a kind of composite star in the film because she has existed since the beginning of Hollywood, a drama queen who is both cruel and disgruntled. The man had it all, but the feeling that his life was never fulfilled in his desires. In other words, the kind of pathetic anal pain that the autobiography will get you drunk early on … Nicolas Bedos painted this picture of all the expected acidity. I am able to rejoice at times when the charge of irony assigned to my character becomes the main goal of my acting.

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Is it the palette of feelings that must be expressed, between absolute cruelty and childish gentleness, that attracts you?
Does this woman still exist despite #MeToo? I hope not. It exists in the nostalgic cinephile imagination of Nicolas Bedos and in the star-system of a bygone era, it seems to me. A time where macho cruelty could lead a star, like Martine Carol, to commit suicide at age 46 because she thought she was old. Now, where desperate youth are beating its emptiness, perhaps social networks are maintaining a bit of its decadent insistence on seeing the passage of time for artists as a bottomless pit into which they must throw themselves! Martha’s almost ridiculous cruelty expresses her inability to understand and love. When sweetness springs up in him, it is to admit his regret because he did not succeed in being happy when there was fame, money, love.

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When are we really? Not when you no longer wear a mask, but when you already know all this circus

What did you put into this paper?
Sometimes we play characters so well that we can do nothing! Zero hooked atom in the witch’s nails! There was something annoying about Martha, the bad behaviors I was observing around me. Opportunities abound when you are jealous! If I ever drew anything, it was in most of these bad memories. For years I have been absorbing as if through capillarity, diffusing and fusing! Plus, it’s fun and therapeutic to make the awkwardness a fantasy! It’s my side “People are strange”, the Doors song.

Is there an advantage to being an artist to include one?
Above all, there is an advantage to being an analyzed actress. Namely using distance to get close to an actor character. That is my case. Joining this kind of tricky parody involves endless layers of depth and self -mockery. With “Mascarade” and “Peter von Kant”, Nicolas Bedos and François Ozon offered me a stellar role in the descent, bigger than life. The fantasy of this status prevailed, amusing the scenes! We love. But I also want to come across a scenario that tells what an actress’s internal issue at work really is, the impact of the disruptions of her existence on her career and on her relationship the way we view her.

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What’s next after this ad

Is there a question of camouflage in acting or being a star?
“Masquerade”… is wearing a mask to play with others, as well as my extraordinary partners, Pierre Niney, Marine Vacth, François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos… This virtuoso filmed pantomime is the theme of Nicholas Bedos ’feature film . When are we really? Not when you no longer wear a mask, but when you already know all this circus.

My interests are rampant. Recently, I was at concerts with Eddy de Pretto and Julien Doré

“What would he do without his audience?” is one of the lines of the film. And you, what are you going to do?
The real audience is strangers I seem to know. When they are there, I feel endless gratitude for them. Their love, their trust is priceless. If they don’t, what’s the reason to continue? The famous “My most beautiful love story, it’s you”, sung by Barbara, is great at telling what to give oneself to the public. On the other hand, apart from cinema, theater, artistic, political, feminist or poetic purposes to defend, I avoid giving myself “to the public”. I am not narcissistic.

Queen Margot, Marie Stuart, soon Diane de Poitiers for television, so many roles of powerful women where you thrive. Why?
Certainly past lives contained in these heroes! And the dream of any girl starting this profession. For me, if these great female roles have a noticeable power in the eyes of the audience, so too, I hope, thanks to the weakness I want to convey by interpreting them.

The works of a heroine. This fall in France 2, she will be Diane de Poitiers in a two-part TV movie


Zoé Adjani, your niece, plays in “Les Amandiers”, a film by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi about Patrice Chéreau, the director of “La Reine Margot”. Is it a sign of fate?
I’m so happy that my niece is part of the cast of Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, who is an actress that I adore and a director with a brilliant, classic and punk touch … Valeria told me about the participation of my Zoé Adjani with admiring the tenderness, and “Les Amandiers” was the film at the official Cannes competition that I most wanted to see.

What excitement! Do you often talk to Zoé about your brother Eric, her father, who disappeared when she was 12?
My niece is a lucky child! I would like so much to be like her at 20, in the joy of living from morning to night … I admire her intelligence, her determination, the sincerity of her commitments. He is an example of resilience. The painful way of life then was that the death of his father, my brother Eric, whom we speak with affection, did not darken his longing. As independent as she is, I will be there for her until the end of my life. Out of respect, I will never find myself with his mother. It’s enough for me to love with love, being an aunt in every moment.

For his second film, “Cigare au miel”, he was shot in Kabylie, where your father was born, and it angered him …
Who is not looking for their roots, their origin? Her name is Zoé-Leilla, with two “l” because her father saw this girl coming as an angel. She wanted him to have symbolic wings to live his life. He didn’t know my father, alas, but I knew he was doing his genealogical research on the strength of his strength and his good resilience.

When not working, what do you eat? Shows, readings, friendships, memories?
My interests are rampant. Recently, I was at an Eddy de Pretto and Julien Doré concert. Unfortunately, I missed Camélia Jordana, whom I admire. “Body and Soul”, by choreographer Crystal Pite, amazed me. I want to follow actors who are not yet known to my taste, like Sébastien Chassagne, Pablo Pauly, Christophe Montenez from Comédie-Française. I work in short-circuit shops, I prefer to spend on organic brands, I am interested in quantum medicine-the future of our health-and I practice trance.

I’m a loner who doesn’t want to be alone …

We think you are nomadic. Do you have a place, a “home”?
My life in Paris is work, shows, friends to see again, because I live in Portugal, like Leïla Slimani and Rachida Brakni. Perhaps, over the years, I have become more sensitive to the sweetness of life that has become rare, to the comfort of anonymity, to the re -creation of the luxury of holistic healings and to the journeys I have begun to pursue since the end of confinement. … to return to the United States, to Morocco, to Senegal … Yes, the nomad in me is alive again!

Disappearing and reappearing, it happened to you but it doesn’t seem to be happening much…
Above all, I tried to be free and breathe, and we made a whole dialectic of loss-re-emergence from it, a confined image to say the least. Yes, I was there, more often in the light, though I continued to take refuge occasionally in the shadows. Someday, I will also disappear like everyone else, once and for all, and we won’t talk about it anymore, except to reappear to me in the form of a hologram. Did you say “Phoenix”?

“Queen Margot” remains your best memories of Cannes, because you didn’t feel like you were alone there. Is solitude only suitable for you when it is chosen?
I’m a loner who doesn’t like being alone … What you really want to know is if I’m alone in my life, right? The answer is yes. As my sons say: “So maybe you’re finally able to do your job consistently, because there’s no poison left in you every day …” That’s a privilege I only give to my children and my loved ones! No remorse, no lack, no bitterness. Everything is fine.

I don’t take people for stupid, and I don’t want them to take me for a tanga rin.

We see you as a singer on “Mascarade”, and your two sons thrive on music. The youngest made his film debut in a western, “Terror in the Prairie”. He normally follows in his parents ’footsteps, doesn’t he?
Why? I don’t think it’s normal for the children of artists to follow in their parents ’footsteps… and it’s always desirable. Gabriel-Kane has always had an artistic profile. He does his experiments. Yes, he will be seen on screen for the first time with this western. I think he enjoyed it, the rest is up to him. Whatever he chooses, he is my son and I fully support him.

You often mention Baudelaire, René Char, Stendhal, Diderot, Duras, Barthes. Do you consider yourself an intellectual, even though you are also a fan of “The Voice” and the gardening show “Silence, ça poche!”?
I don’t make a fool of people, and I don’t want them to take me as a fool. I want to make them feel what literature I value, which makes me think … Marilyn Monroe is reading Rilke, and she seems to have read Joyce’s “Ulysses” to the very end. I’m a fan of “The Voice” and “Silence, it grows!”, But that’s not all! Science fiction has become a passion, and platforms have entered my life as an insomniac!

What are you missing?
All I know is I don’t believe in the benefits of having it. I can almost say, one day, that I don’t want anything in me. There is nothing in our life on earth more than being …

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