Do you watch reality TV on the first level?

There are two ways of absorbing reality TV-or sponsored sugary drinks-but that’s a different story.

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In the second level, the spectator is anchored the island of love complain about the soft toothpicks chewing the giants of Las Terrenas or drinking in the brilliant words of Amanda’s Gospel, repeatedly repeating that “life makes things happen”.

Through the prism of the first level, you firmly believe that any marital problem can be prevented by applying Louise Sigouin’s five dualities to the wound and you feel single.Double work will truly find love-not Instagram followers-in a Bonneville megahome.

In what camp do you plant your flag? Not surprisingly, I crib to the second level, which is of pungent sarcasm and semi-bad observation. This is also the super effective method of self -mockery that Jay Du Temple used in OD and Mehdi Bousaidan at the island of love.

The arrival of If we love on TVA – and its pedagogical -sexo -relational veneer – has blurred our perspectives on the documentary genre, believes Pierre Barrette, director of the School of Media at UQAM.

As part of an extensive five -year reality television research project, Professor Pierre Barrette reviewed the third season of If we love each other, aired by TVA in the spring of 2021. To refresh your memory, this is Tim’s famous chapter of moldy strawberries, Jean-François’s bagpipe show, and Dominic’s aqua-mermaid lesson. A pure gem on TV, I think.

TV specialist Pierre Barrette sees these scenes (which have become classics) in a different light. “I was fascinated by it. Against Double work, If we love each other is not in the playful representation. »

“We’re in front of a program that promotes a real universe, with real people, living in real relationships. There’s a promise of authenticity in the episodes. I’m excited, because it’s the most fake show I’ve seen. .We convey this idea that it is reality as it is presented, ”said Pierre Barrette, who presented his observations at the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) conference held last week.

Clarification: What Pierre Barrette is referring to here is not the therapy sessions with Louise Sigouin, but the “sushi rolling” workshops or the creation of mandalas enjoyed by couples, which often lack naturalness, let’s name it our discomfort.

Sa Double work in Noovo, there’s Captain Twist, Lady Pagaille, a bling-bling universe, a chalet-loft to capture and no one takes themselves seriously. On the side of If we love each otherthe production is struggling to “hide the staging”, slips Professor Pierre Barrette.

“I have empathy for the viewers of If we love each other that they think they are witnessing true love stories and drinking in the sexologist’s words like nectar of truth. We are sold on the show as a true and authentic story. I have a little ethical problem with that. I was not surprised by the complaint against Louise Sigouin, ”Mr. Barrette continued.


Two of last season’s participants If we love each otherTim and Marie-Denise

In an open letter made to The Journal of Montreal In late April, Louise Sigouin announced her departure from the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec (OPSQ) following a complaint filed against her, the first in her 30-year career, and she clarified. The specific actions alleged against the famous TVA sexologist were not disclosed.

Two weeks before, The duty published the anonymous testimonies of four former participants of If we love each other who felt that Louise Sigouin had “failed in her ethical obligation to make good TV”. Good. I wore white gloves here so as not to hurt these four victims of TVA’s ugly docureality. Let’s move on.

I often talk to the “leader” of the four bachelors who hated their passing If we love each other. He is trying to get his story out in the media. I understand because his image there is scratched. He was one of those who criticized Louise Sigouin for her professional command.

But every time we talked, I asked him a $ 120-an-hour question: what do you expect from signing up for a therapy attended by 800,000 viewers, Monday through Thursday? Have you honestly thought that going out on a Cupid reality show would be more effective than starting therapy in a professional practice? I mean, let’s get serious.

It is very difficult to confess to a psychologist, one by one, week by week. Now, who is kamikaze enough to expose his turbulent past, his consumption problems or his toxic relationships with TVA, in prime time? It’s running after trouble and trolls, let’s say.

The guinea pigs of If we love each other do not sign up for money, because they do not get a salary from production. Do they do it for visibility? For a free consultation with Louise Sigouin? Or for a mixture of these two options?

Reality TV has taken a long time for its would-be contestants to know that a) there will be a lot of editing in the episodes, b) the most awkward moments will definitely expel things where they look brilliant, and c ) social media will devour them raw.

One in four people quoted in The dutywho greatly hated his experience in the first season of If we love each other, returned on his own voluntarily for the reunion stage, which entered at the end of the third season. It puzzles me.

According to a source at TVA, Louise Sigouin’s resignation from the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec does not change the safety of If we love each other. Filming has already completed its fourth season and its broadcast is scheduled for January 2023. It is not possible to speak to Louise Sigouin, the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec or the producer of If we love each otherAnne Boyer, of Duo Productions.

It was an unfortunate situation that made me feel lonely, hopeful and emotional.

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