Approached the government, Fadila Khattabi (LREM) remains “committed to the legislative elections in the Côte-d’Or”

In less than a month, we will be back at the polls for the legislative elections. Spotlight this Thursday in the 3rd district of Côte-d’Or, both urban with cities like Chenôve or Quétigny, and at the same time rural southeast of Dijon.

France Bleu Bourgogne: We look forward to the composition of the new government in the coming hours. Are you going there or not?

Fadila Khattabi: The decision belongs to the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. I, for the moment, am focused on the coming election.

Didn’t you get a call from Elisabeth Borne?

He did not call me. On the other hand, we were pleased to see him, as he came to the National Assembly on Tuesday, at a group meeting. He devoted 25 minutes of his time to us, which we greatly appreciated. In any case, parliamentarians appreciate.

Right now, you are a candidate for your re -election to the position of deputy, there has been a lot of talk so far about the situation of the health care system in France. Some believe it is on the brink of an explosion, due to a lack of personnel. What do you plan to do to train, to attract more doctors to us on the Côte d’Or?

We must continue the efforts that have been made. I remind you that through Ségur, this is a huge investment, especially to make the professions of caregivers and nurses more attractive. So there, we made big investments. We must continue to practice and above all to introduce these professions as well. If things are a bit complicated now, young people are not coming, but there are real needs and we need to seize them.

The Orpéa scandal is also on everyone’s mind. You did this as chairman of the Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee. What do you suggest guarantees that there will be no other scandals in our nursing homes, on the Côte d’Or?

That is, we must strengthen control. There will be 150 recruitment controllers. And then mainly make checks to accompany. Because sometimes there can be mistreatment also due to lack of staff. This is also a fact in relation to the scandal that took place in Orpéa. Mainly also because there was also embezzlement of town money. And there, things need to be strengthened to prove that the people’s money is being used wisely.

Another priority, Fadila Khattabi, is purchasing power. Clearly, the increase in the cost of living in general, along with successive crises. As a candidate for these legislative elections, how will you act in the National Assembly on this particular topic?

Typically, there should already be an amendment to the fiscal bill to address this problem of purchasing power, particularly in the cost of energy. So we have to continue because there are big expectations. There is health and there is purchasing power, which are really two priorities of the French today.

Are you also ready to defend this popular pension, Retirement and 65 reform?

It is included in the program of the President of the Republic. We aim to accomplish this by ensuring that social dialogue is present with partners and of course by engaging with the French. We must ask why this reform? It is also to guarantee a decent pension for our future.

The alliance on the left (Nupes) around Jean-Luc Mélenchon is currently at the top of voting intentions for the first round at the national level. In these legislative elections, your main opponent for this election is Patricia Marc, the candidate of the rebel France?

In any case, I consider this alliance to be a little against nature because they don’t agree on substance. It’s an alliance of circumstances to actually try to come up with something. I, the goal is to convince the program of the President of the Republic, to convince the French to go and vote because the abstention rate is quite high. So we need to be convinced about the program of the President of the Republic, about the credible program that will really lead France to victory.

NB: Candidates also in the 3rd constituency of Côte-d’Or for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19 (submission of applications until Friday May 20 at 6 pm), Patricia Marc for Nupes, Valérie Grandet for LR, Solène Lacroix- Samper for Reconquest, Dominique Bourgois for RN, Clément Van Melckebeke for Commitment 21, Fabienne Delorme for Lutte Ouvrière.

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