Alteryx Announces New Cloud Computing Capabilities That Allow Organizations to Deploy Analytics on Enterprise Scale

Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), a company that specializes in analytics automation, today released new advances that allow businesses to deliver analytics in the cloud, democratize insights and ensure data management . Announced at Inspire, Alteryx’s annual user conference, these enhancements simplify and modernize analytics with easy -to -use features to make analytics accessible to everyone.

“Democratizing analytics is key to unlocking important insights into this rapidly changing business landscape, but we found that less than 30% of employees have access to or are active users of analytics software beyond sheet computing, ”said Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of Analytics and Information Management, IDC. “To be a truly data-driven enterprise, businesses must use analytics solutions that support all-around data connectivity, rich management, and powerful and intuitive decision support capabilities. »

Ubiquitous Connectivity powers Modern Cloud Analytics

Data-driven businesses today require analytics automation platforms and data architectures that span cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Businesses are increasingly deploying modern data architectures that rely on cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes, while supporting SaaS applications and analytics.

Alteryx meets these needs by delivering smart data and information innovation in the cloud, on a scale. Based on its recent acquisition of Trifacta, Alteryx offers deeper integration with leading cloud data warehouses, including Databricks, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery. These integrations support the high -performance capabilities of native pushdown, reducing the time required to learn from large datasets from hours to minutes.

“With unparalleled size and flexibility, cloud analytics is essential for the future of digital transformation. Along with our advanced analytics automation and management capabilities, Alteryx is leading the way in empowering organizations to easily democratize data for every person, at every skill level, ”said Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Alteryx. “Our latest innovations enable businesses to be data-driven and overcome potential barriers, including data loopholes and talent shortages.”

New capabilities make information retrieval easier

Businesses can strengthen analytics automation for everyone with new, easy -to -use features in Alteryx’s product portfolio:

Alteryx Designer has been updated to provide a modern look and feel with new tools, layout icons, and fonts.
Alteryx Intelligence Suite includes text mining and computer vision features, including a barcode scanning tool, speech recognition tool, and key value pairing tool. These smart tools allow any user to easily review unstructured data.
Alteryx Auto Insights is now properly integrated with Designer Desktop and Server. Users can automatically connect, configure and schedule Auto Insights from their workflows to gain AI-generated insights from their data.
Alteryx Machine Learning brings major enhancements to predictive time series modeling, including new features that help identify trends, account for seasonality, and improve performance, allowing anyone to build times series model. machine learning.
Alteryx launched Early Access for its Metric Store feature. The Metric Store will make it easy for companies to define common KPIs that anyone in the organization can reuse to gain fast, consistent, and accurate insights.

Management advances enable business-wide analytics

As businesses democratize analytics automation, supporting robust management practices to protect data integrity is essential. New Alteryx management features include:

Trifacta-powered Cloud Designer that combines the ease of use of Alteryx Designer with Trifacta’s cloud-native multi-tenant architecture, adds SSH tunneling capabilities to enhance cloud security.
Alteryx now officially supports both repetitive and non-repetitive deployments of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), allowing businesses to easily manage Alteryx in large-scale virtualized environments.

These latest developments and enhanced cloud connectivity enable Alteryx customers to embrace analytics automation and learn from the entire organization. Alteryx will examine each of these topics in more depth, including customer stories, trends, and more, at Inspire 2022. Watch on-demand sessions at

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