They don’t complain for money

Victim of rape and violence by a member of Comédie-Française, Marie Coquille-Chambel launched #MeTooTheatre in 2019. Tired of accusations that she will earn in this matter, the doctoral student in theater criticism and feminist activist from The 23- Inaugurated, on May 14, the hashtag #OnNePortePasPlaintePourLargent, which hundreds of testimonials quickly filled.

“Each procedure costs money, between the amounts of fees, diminish …” he declares. By launching the hashtag, the young woman wanted to denounce the idea that victims would personally benefit from filing a complaint for cases of violence, rape and assault: “I was buried in a debt of 7,500 euros for defending myself in court. I won my lawsuits and I only received 1,500 euros in damages. Many have nothing. »

Alison Blondy, a victim of rape and domestic violence, was one of those people who didn’t move anything in their scheme, because the one who attacked her was insolvent. Vice-president of the National Federation of Victims of Femicide (FNVF), he said: “I see many victims who have stopped the trial for lack of means.» Little directed at the help available to him, he was at 20,000 euros cost : “I had to move, due to lack of protection, which resulted in many costs. » Forced to take sick leave during the trial procedure, he went from a salary of 2,000 euros to an RSA. For the follow-up of a psychologist, we have to choose between him and his daughter.

An unknown psychological cost

“Without money, we cannot defend properly. Victims do not expect to pay too much. ”, regrets Diariata N’diaye, founder of the Résonantes association and creator of the App-Elles app. The platform makes it possible to trigger calls for help that can be used as evidence in court.

Beyond the expensive legal costs, therapy, which is often necessary to rebuild oneself, is not paid for. “Apart from what we have experienced, justice itself is traumatic. Before filing a complaint, I did not know that I would be examined by a forensic doctor, I did not know the violence of a judgment, of a confrontation “explained Marie Coquille-Chambel.

Diariata N’diaye emphasizes this psychological dimension: “The Filing a complaint is so violent to do and requires so much courage that it cannot be motivated by money. » In most cases, the goal is largely to prevent the aggressor from acting again.

Persistent stereotypes

Nearly forty years after her rape, Claudine Cordani, journalist and writer, used the hashtag to combat the vandalism of victims, who participate in the culture of rape: “There are always people who will destabilize the voice of a victim, but if we file a complaint, it is to denounce an injustice. The issue of compensation should not be criticized, the only problem is rape!» In 1984, he filed a complaint before the law included compensation for victims.

Despite the facts, the cliché of the female venal that seeks to strip the man of his hard-earned assets by filing a complaint remains and remains widely expressed on social networks. In an Instagram post, the feminist association We All described the following: “The approach of men accused of violence is often to say that the victim is trying to get rich and famous.» A study conducted by the Ipsos institute in November 2021 shows the extent of stereotypes anchored in the population of France. For example, more than a third of respondents believe that a provocative attitude on the part of a woman in public mitigates the rapist’s responsibility and 51% believe that it is more difficult for a man to control his sexual desire than One girl.

Beyond networks, these stereotypes are rooted in the judicial system: “We can’t say everything on the Internet, because if we provide too many elements, it can work against us”said Marie Coquille-Chambel.“We are often criticized for discouraging victims from speaking out and for undermining the effectiveness of the police and justice system on these issues. » The girl stressed the need for training of the police and magistrates. Diariata N’diaye, however, explains the importance of not demotivating people who want to file a complaint: “I advise everyone to associate specialized associations, such as France Victime. »

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