The Mining Association of Canada is ready to act

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) congratulated Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau on his election victory and hopes to work with the government to promote responsible mining and development of critical minerals in Canada. The mining industry is pleased to work with all parties to ensure support for one of Canada’s most important resource sectors.

“The mining industry is one of Canada’s key economic engines. It makes up $ 107 billion of the country’s GDP and 19% of the value of Canada’s exports. It is also a major employer, providing one in 26 jobs nationwide. said Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of CMA. “Canada’s mining industry is well positioned to provide materials, particularly critical minerals, that are essential for healthcare, communications and low -carbon technologies. Our sector will benefit from strategic government support to make sure that we can take advantage of the opportunity before us. »

Thanks to one of the cleanest electricity grids on the planet, 82% of production comes from sources that do not emit GHG. The carbon footprint of metal and mineral production in Canada is among the lowest in the world. The country can and should play a greater role in providing the materials the world needs to achieve carbon neutrality. One of the largest climate change actions Canada can take to support the goals of the Paris Agreement is to maximize domestic production of the low-carbon metals and materials needed to meet the expected demand for clean technology.

“There is no doubt that we need minerals and metals to achieve our climate goals, but it remains to be seen if Canada will be the supplier the planet needs,” Pierre Gratton continued. Canada’s mining sector operates some of the world’s lowest carbon-intensive mines thanks to the country’s abundance of clean energy, the adoption of globally recognized sustainability standards such as the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative , and the use of low -emission technologies by companies. Our industry should be the preferred supplier of minerals and metals needed for low-carbon technologies such as solar panels, nuclear power, wind turbines and battery electric vehicles. »

The Liberal platform includes measures to position Canada’s mining industry to optimize emerging opportunities in critical minerals and electric vehicle batteries and markets. The proposal doubles the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for materials on Canada’s List of Critical Minerals, and promises to strengthen the “mine to haul” strategy to build “sustainable end-to-end batteries. strategy, which creates opportunities for Canadian workers from mineral extraction to processing and manufacturing, ”support the mining sector.The CMA is also encouraged by Liberals’ commitment to investment in infrastructure, particularly in Northern Canada.

“By providing specific support for the electrification of mines, more accurate and efficient authorization processes, and incentives for the detection of new mineral and metal battery deposits, Canada will send a a clear message to the world that it is determined to be a world leader in mining, “said Gratton. We look forward to working with all elected officials to support the mining sector and ensure it is well positioned for its future success. . »

An important sector of the Canadian economy, the mining industry accounts for $ 107 billion of national gross domestic product and 19% of the total value of Canada’s exports. Canada’s mining sector employs, directly and indirectly, 692,000 people nationwide. Relatively speaking, it is the largest private sector employer hiring Aboriginal people in Canada and a major clientele of Aboriginal businesses.


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