Shadow relaunched with a more powerful cloud PC and new services

Finally the shadow came out of the shadows. After the financial problems that led to the sale of the start-up last year, it is now under the leadership of Octave Klaba, the founder of OVH, who will open a new chapter of PC in the cloud. . Shadow will finally meet the most pressing demand from gamers, but it will also expand to new audiences.

More power for € 14.99/month more

Shadow’s first promise was to allow gamers to stream all of their games to the PC-a promise fulfilled-but gradually improve the computer made available in the cloud. However, at this point, the configuration has hardly changed since 2016.

This will evolve in the coming months. As new general manager Éric Sèle did, the basic configuration will remain the same at € 29.99/month (4-core Intel Xeon CPU, GTX 1080 GPU, 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage), but a Power Option ”Will be offered.

For an additional € 14.99/month, i.e. € 45/month in total, we will have:

  • an AMD Epyc 7543P processor with 4 cores / 8 threads, a recent CPU for servers that should be very useful to replace the aging Xeon E5-2667 v4
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • and a GeForce RTX 3070, or an equivalent Nvidia professional graphics card or an AMD RDNA 2 card designed for the cloud, such as the Radeon Pro V620

The accompanying graphics card depends on the data center to which the subscriber is tied. No details by regions yet. The Power option will not increase storage capacity, which is embarrassing due to the small space available by default. Players who do not have enough basic 256 GB will need to add € 2.99/month for an additional 256 GB (within the 2 TB limit).

The Power option will be available for pre-order this summer and available to everyone this fall. Early access will soon be available for some users, and it is possible to register to learn about the launch of pre-orders at this link. The design of the applications will also be reviewed, with an overhaul of the interface of its applications to offer ” a more intuitive and responsive experience “.

Photo: Shadow.

At € 45/month, the Shadow with the Power option is more than three times more expensive than the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes over 100 cloud games) and more than twice as expensive than the GeForce Now with RTX 3080, which should keep casual gamers away from this offer. However, the French service maintains the argument of a complete PC accessible in the cloud, with the advantages it provides: you can install any game, take advantage of advanced features, access it from your Apple TV (almost banned the App Store from “pure” cloud gaming services) and why not use it for anything other than gaming.

New services to reach new audiences

On this subject, the new management’s notice did not escape the possibility of making Shadow other than a gaming machine, which officially launches Shadow Business Solutions. These are offers for professionals to use Shadow as a work machine. For example, independent professionals will be able to access an individual cloud PC, while companies will request a customized configuration.

Photo: Shadow.

Shadow is aimed at pros who need a lot of computing power, such as 3D designers, architects, and engineers. Bandai Namco recently entered into a technological partnership with Shadow in this direction. All European previews of Elden Ring were made using the French company’s dedicated B2B virtual machine.

Additionally, an online storage service is preparing. Named Shadow Drive, it was made in partnership with Nextcloud, an open source sharing platform. This hubiC’s spiritual successor will include 20 GB of free storage. The premium version with 2TB costs € 8.99/month. A beta will launch this summer and the service will be officially available in Europe this autumn.

Finally, Shadow will export to new countries, including Canada and Austria this fall. Other countries will be announced in the coming months.

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