“I love what you do”, fan and ball against too nice star

Shot in Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales, this Philippe Guillard film, which airs this Wednesday, May 18, works on the opposition between Artus and Gérard Lanvin.

For the first time, Philippe Guillard, a former high-level rugby player, has signed on to a film that doesn’t revolve around the sport. An infidelity to his favorite genre for what shaped his second half of life: cinema. “I love what you do” is one of the lines heard several times a week by 7th art stars. A kind of gateway for, in stride, to take a selfie with the artist.

Gérard Lanvin is … Gérard Lanvin

Gérard Lanvin, a famous actor who has left his mark on French cinema over the past 40 years, meets so many admirers that once clinging. In this film, he plays his own role and once he arrives in the south of France to shoot a large historic American production on landing, he encounters a fan who wins the pompom of heaviness. Momo (Artus), is a pool repairman. Early in the morning, he arrives to take care of the villa occupied by Gérard Lanvin during the shooting. Momo, after a few crisp mistakes, gets to know Gérard and will do everything to disrupt his life.

“I love what you do”, film by Philippe Guillard with Artus, Gérard Lanvin, Antoine Bertrand

More than just a film about fans, it is a story about the daily lives of the actors presented in this very rhythmic comedy. If he were to interpret his own role, however, it would be a Gérard Lanvin who was quite different from what real life was portrayed. Hopefully in real life, his good nature in front of this sticky ball won’t last throughout the film. For storyline purposes, he would be very kind to this big and wide -eyed boy. When Momo asked permission to go to the set, Gérard accepted.

By recommending that he go alone and be careful. But with the whole family he invested the set of the film, in this case the central square of the castle of Salses in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Momo who returns every day, becomes a kind of lucky charm to the team led by a Quebec director (Antoine Bertrand), who will continue the film in disaster.

This is the other interest of Philippe Guillard’s film, which shows the once tense relationship between the actors and these seeds of dictators. The choice of Gérard Lanvin in the role was very judgmental. He was able to make his “wrong” character taken from the truly credible. But the real revelation of the film remains Artus. He was in all the scenes, his lines knocked home and he managed to impose his presence against the immense Gérard Lanvin.

“I love what you do”, film by Philippe Guillard with Artus, Gérard Lanvin, Antoine Bertrand


Gérard Lanvin: “I don’t have any heavy fans”

At a press conference in Méga Castillet for the preview, Philippe Guillard and Gérard Lanvin returned to the shooting.

Is Artus’ choice obvious?

Philippe Guillard: I know the comedian. I found it funny. I saw the Office of legends and there, I said to myself “there is an artist, there is a heavy one”. When I met him I immediately understood that it was him. First, he played rugby, for me it was important. We have a similarity, obviously because we drank eight beers in two hours while discussing the script. Most of all, I found him very endearing. Talented and funny guy like him, I never looked for another.

Meeting with Philippe Guillard and Gérard Lanvin at Méga Castillet in Perpignan.

Meeting with Philippe Guillard and Gérard Lanvin at Méga Castillet in Perpignan.
The Independent – Mr. Li.

Gerard Lanvin: I met him at Philippe’s. There was humility, not someone who came up with enough. I found out that the idea was very exactly what we wanted to do, that is to say a film generation.

Have you ever experienced embarrassing situations like in film during your career?

GL : No, I don’t have heavy fans. To all. I have a lot of friendships coming from everywhere, but people don’t take time with me. In addition to selfies, it’s easier than ever when men ask for your autograph. That’s all you expect when you do these jobs, i.e., people recognize you that people like you. It was not the cinema that allowed me to follow this path, but the public.

Why did you choose Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales for the filming location?

PG: I have a lot of friends there and I’m always looking for places where we can be well received for filmmaking and outside of filmmaking because I have a pretty happy team. At the same time because I was looking for sets because the American film that was being shot was a period film from the years 39-45. And since I don’t have American money or Private Ryan’s budget, I can’t build a village. However, in Occitania, there are villages, for example Lagrasse in the Aude or the castle of Salses in the Pyrénées-Orientales, that produce timeless decorations. Without adding anything, we can believe we are at 39-45. That’s why the mix of it all means I came to shoot here and have a very good set at a low price.

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