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By leveraging the multidisciplinarity of its businesses and appointing a historic partner to manage this major change.

Laurent Prost, Partner since 2014 at Grant Thornton France, is particularly involved in a variety of innovative interior projects, particularly in business management Consulting Expertise[1] between 2015 and January 2022. He is now the head of the “Master Academy” program. This project aims to offer a new unique employee experience in the marketplace. May 18, 2022 Grant Thornton, audit and consulting group, announces the appointment of Laurent Prost, Partner, member of the Management Committee, as Master Academy Leader.

The creation of this system for enriching the experience of employees corresponds to the desire of the company to advance a new generation of company model, fully multidisciplinary and in line with the expectations of companies. In particular, it follows the deployment of the managerial program based on “Benevolence” and the launch of the new employer brand, The Experience of Confidence[2].

The project provides for the development and deployment of a skills development program for all employees of the company, which has two main components: a professional course, the “GT Journey” that multiplies the bridges between of Audit, accounting expertise, financial advice and operational advice; and the creation of a validated academic training program by partnering with the ESSEC Business School to support this new mobility and provide employees with the skills that enable them to better understand global geopolitics, issues. market development, helping customers in their ecological transition, defining sustainable growth models and accelerating the evolution of businesses in an uncertain world with many challenges. The intent is also to strengthen the personal capacity of employees to face the challenges of changes in the world today and tomorrow.

Laurent Prost, who has notably successfully led the development and animation of several training and coaching programs for the company’s high potential in transforming the Chartered Accountant profession into a “business partner” mode, will ensure device development and management. She will benefit from the support of a top experienced team, as will all HR teams, with the support of Christelle Le Coustumer, Human Capital Director, as well as Elisabeth Toth, Training Director, and all National Business Directors.

Grant Thornton has driven development in recent months that has laid the foundation for a brand new employer re-invented around the experience of trust. The community of partners also signed a charter aimed at making the benevolent behavior of “Benevolent” governance a social standard. From now on, we want to change the internal paths of the professional to create a new generation company, fully multidisciplinary with its clients as well as with its collaborators. With the support of ESSEC and Laurent’s significant experience in these subjects, we want to gradually offer new career opportunities to our teams, thus boosting our attractiveness and the quality of our assistance to our clients. This approach also responds to the company’s social commitment to its employees, an important stakeholder in our challenges. said Robert Dambo, Chairman of Grant Thornton.

[1] Accounting activities


Laurent Prost, 55, chartered accountant and statutory auditor.

After being director of an office in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region since 2010, Laurent led Grant Thornton’s chartered accountancy activity between 2015 and January 2022. In his capacity as business director, member of the group’s Management Committee, he is in charge of implementing and executing the group’s strategy for this business. Her role consists in supporting partners and accompanying them in change management and the deployment of projects in a rapidly changing professional context. Subsequently, he led action plans focused on tools, on enhancing “data” in missions, on developing and developing technical and behavioral knowledge teams, but mainly to include the teams have a variety of “business partner” brand promise.

A few years ago, Laurent led the development and animation of the “ICP Academy – Innovation, Growth and Performance of Companies” and then the “Path to Manager” program, which focused on the company’s high potential. These programs aim to strengthen the potential for collaborative work, development and management capacities, but also to improve knowledge of offers and recognition of customer needs to strengthen understanding of business economics. and timeliness in the treatment of subjects.

Finally, Laurent also led various projects related to high -value service offerings such as “Prospective Management Analysis – AGP”, the deployment of a BI – Business Intelligence for SMEs / ETI “offer and the” Expert 360tm Diagnosis “.

About Grant Thornton France

Grant Thornton, band leader Auditing and Consulting, brings together more than 2,000 employees in France, including 125 partners in 23 offices, positioning itself in 5 businesses: Audit, Expertise Consulting, Financial Consulting, Operations Consulting and Outsourcing and Legal and Tax Advice.

Grant Thornton supports dynamic companies (listed companies, public and private companies) to enable them to unleash their growth potential, thanks to the intervention of available and committed partners, supported by teams that delivers expertise with very high added value.

The members of Grant Thornton International Ltd form one of the world’s leading auditing and consulting organizations. Each network member is financially, legally and managerially independent.

About Grant Thornton International Limited

Grant Thornton International Ltd, Group leader Audit and Consulting, is an integrated and independent network, bringing together more than 60,000 employees including nearly 4,000 partners located in more than 130 countries. The power of the international organization makes it possible to mobilize multicultural teams and respond to customer issues in a global way, thus guaranteeing the same quality standards, risk managementng process and efficiency, worldwide.

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