A rich man pretends to be deaf and discovers that his young wife is planning to steal his property

Brandon suspects his new wife, Zoe, and makes a plan to discover his secrets. She discovered something sensational about him and the gardener he hired. Eventually, Brandon became clean at their Christmas dinner, and Zoe couldn’t believe what happened next.

I can’t believe I was so stupid, Brandon thought as he sat at the end of the table and looked at Zoe. He was chatting with some of his business partners and their spouses, who were invited to their New Year’s Eve dinner.

Her husband has always been a seductress, but she is clearly looking for her next target. But she didn’t know that Brandon no longer believed her lies and fake smile.

Of course, he didn’t even look back. He thought Brandon was deaf. But he is not. This is a ploy. It may sound sly, but Zoe has been acting weird since they got married.

Brandon lost his entire family a few years ago. She has spent three sad Christmases with her dog, Pancho, since then. But he met Zoe on a flight to New York. She is charming and loves dogs like her.

The theft happened in no time, and he wanted to see it again. At JFK, they exchanged contact information and he called him the same day.

They had an incredible time in the Big Apple, and Zoe happily revealed that she lives in Anaheim, California. Brandon thought it was fate, since he lives in Silicon Valley, so they planned to meet again when they got back as well.

Their relationship was good, and Brandon no longer wanted to be alone, so he proposed after only six months of dating. They also got married quickly, much to the amazement of his business partners, who were his close friends.

They tried to convince him to slow down, but he would not listen. In retrospect, he must have.

Anyway, they started their life together in his five million dollar mansion. Zoe also seems to love her dog and she talks about all of their future children.

Zoe hired a gardener and she talked to him often. | Source: Pexel

But one day he hired a gardener, who seemed to be a friend of his cousin. She started talking to him often during the work day.

At first, Brandon thought it was just normal because he had specific ideas for their house. But eventually, he became suspicious. They laughed, and Zoe often touched the man’s shoulders in a strange way.

The straw that broke on the camel’s back was when he caught it kicking Pancho and shouting it to leave. He had never done anything like this to a dog, and Pancho’s cries broke Brandon’s heart.

Something strange is happening. She tried to ask him about his conversations with the gardener, but he immediately dismissed it and talked about their future family.

So Brandon came up with a plan, and his doctor friend, Dr. Johansson. He pretended to have an accident and lost his hearing. Zoe appeared agitated in the hospital room when Dr Johansson told her the injury could be permanent.

A few days later, Zoe stopped pretending. She smiled at him but she said horrible things on her face, as if people with disabilities could not read lips or feel the vibration. But that is the purpose of his plan.

He let go of his vigilance, and soon, Brandon discovered something horrible. Something he thought in movies just happens.

Brandon sat by the pool and stared at the wife. | Source: Pexel

“It’s going to be easier now that he won’t hear anything”, were the words Brandon heard from Zoe’s mouth towards the gardener one day. He sat by the pool carrying the laptop, listening to them.

They both turned and smiled at him. The man pretended to sweep the dead leaves off the ground. Brandon smiled back and acted like he was concentrating on reading.

“You still have to be careful, Zoe. You don’t know if her hearing will get any better. I don’t want anyone to interfere with our plans,” the gardener replied. What plan? Brandon thought.

“It’s okay. I know he’s not. I said some weird things the other day, and he’s not reacting at all. It’s going to work, and it’s going to be faster than we planned. In fact, you can do it. You can cut the brakes his car, and tomorrow he will have an accident on the way to work, “Zoe insisted.

Brandon’s heart was broken. His suspicions were worse than he thought.

“Shh, Zoe. Come on. Let’s save time. After Christmas or before the New Year, when we can put it in alcohol or whatever. I’m sorry, my dear. We’ll soon get everything we always dream. “, the man replied and he left.

Zoe offered him a turkey, and Brandon decided it was time to clean up. | Source: Pexel

Zoe frowned and kicked the lawn, as if she was impatient to wait for him to die.

He suddenly removes Brandon from his dream by offering him a plate of cut up turkey. He returned to their dining room table, and everyone was smiling. She picked up a few pieces, and Zoe turned to pass the plate.

For the past two weeks, he has carefully pulled out his car and headed straight to the mechanic to check the brakes. He hires a private detective to investigate Zoe’s life and monitor her actions.

He also checked the movements of his bank, and seemed to have gotten nothing. So they planned to inherit all the money because Brandon had no other family. But he has already thwarted their careful murder plan.

“Before I eat, I would have raised my glass to my wife,” Brandon began, getting up from his chair. Everyone’s eyes widened, as he hadn’t spoken much or well since the accident. He can’t tell his business partners the truth, in case one of them is also Zoe’s accomplice.

He asked everyone to raise their glasses for a toast. | Source: Pexel

“Honey, what the …” Zoe began to ask, but Brandon interrupted her.

“Zoe has been a very good wife in recent months as I have dealt with the consequences of my accidents. But I am here to let everyone know that my hearing is not in question. No accident has occurred. Friend, Dr. Johansson, helped me with something. My beautiful wife planned my death with the gardener, “Brandon revealed with a big smile and a voice dripping with sarcasm.

All the guests stared at Zoe, cold, gaping mouths in shock.

“No need to deny it, my love. My private investigator went to your lover’s house and took your phone to get all the evidence we needed. But I must say that you two are smarter because I also have surveillance cameras around. the house. You’re not very discreet, especially since you’ve lost your hearing, “Brandon continued, using his fingers to mention the last part.

“Brandon, let’s talk somewhere—”

He tried to refuse. | Source: Pexel

“Shut up,” Brandon interrupted with a smile still on his lips. “Gentlemen, you may come in now.” He looked at the entrance to the dining room as two policemen asked Zoe to get up.

“NO! Brandon, honey! It’s a misunderstanding! You can’t!” Zoe started screaming as officers pulled her from the chair, handcuffed her, and started pulling her out.

“They already have a warrant for your arrest. Ah, and the gardener was arrested a few hours ago. I’m surprised he didn’t call you to escape. He’s probably not the smartest partner in crime, is he?” said Brandon as he pushed her out of his house.

After closing the door, Brandon sat down at the table and explained everything to his business partners, apologizing for the drama. Everyone was still shocked, but they were happy that Brandon was healthy and not a victim of Zoe’s plan.

“Guess you can’t trust anyone, huh. I’m in shock,” whispered one of the wives, and Brandon smiled at him.

Brandon has never been so easy to trust again. | Source: Pexel

Thanks to Brandon’s many connections, Zoe and her boyfriend were sentenced to ten years in prison for planning his murder.

Anyway, Brandon sold his mansion and changed all his banking information. After that, he paid more attention to his associations.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t even trust it. There are bad people all over the world, and some of them are more rabid when it comes to money.
  • follow your instinct. Something about Zoe aroused Brandon’s suspicions, so he made a plan to discover the truth. You don’t have to be overly dramatic in real life, but your instincts will often tell you if something is wrong.

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