A new and ambitious French online storage service

During his keynote Wednesday Shadow introduced its new secure online storage service. Shadow Drive will be open to all, free premium version. The first stone of a new philosophy of the French company still wants to diversify more about cloud computing.

Shadow Drive, secure online storage service coming // Source: Shadow

Next to the Power option announced in its keynote on Wednesday, the specialist Cloud computing released Shadow Drive, its first secure online storage solution designed in conjunction with Nextcloud, leading file sharing platforms. A project that starts with the foundation of Hubic, the old service that OVH once bought and became Shadow SA last year.

But it will soon close its doors and is therefore useful to offer its users a viable solution while also announcing the color of the future of Shadow.

Come and compete with Dropbox and more

Octave Klaba has explained in 2020 that it wants to re-launch a similar service after the shutdown of hubiC, also to avoid the loss of millions of subscribers (who will still have to save and transfer their files). It has now been announced and will keep the servers based in Europe. At first still.

Parang Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and other Shadow Drives will be available from any connected device to access its files securely. An initial free bearing will be available with 20 GB of storage (when Hubic provides a free 25 GB). It is more than competing services. For gourmands, Shadow will offer a premium offer at € 8.99 per month with up to 2TB of storage available.

The service will launch in closed beta this summer before launching in Europe in the fall in countries where Shadow is present. It will extend to North America.

Towards a galaxy of services Shadow

Shadow Drive is really a step into the vastness of services that the company wants to implement. ” We reviewed all of our computer systems to make it easier to integrate services into your cloud experience “Said Eric Sele. Shadow Drive can complement Shadow or alone, even if you don’t have a shadow account.

In the future, the Parisian company even plans to add videoconferencing, chat and many other things that will pass through its servers to improve the experience, if you Shadow centered, user. But no launch date has yet been set.

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Source: Shadow

Shadow also targets businesses with a professional offering called Shadow Business Solutions and was unveiled on Wednesday. This version of Cloud computing promises access to demanding Windows software with optimal performance, using real-time 4K renderings without fail.

This will allow companies to manage a fleet of high-end PCs thanks toCloud computingwhich, until now, you had to have individual accounts. But with the guarantee of being responsive to streaming and using the service regularly (and at a very competitive price, we promise). The first steps have already been made in partnership with several videogame companies to enable remote journalist testing and management in a cloud computer park. They are now in the SME’s who want to give Shadow to offer its solutions to help them “break free from technological barriers (with) innovative, intuitive and powerful tools ”.

Players, professionals, general public: the Trinity that Shadow targets is being shaped like the brand’s new roadmap that promises to “2022 will be, and one, a major year” for him.

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