8 mobile applications to facilitate payment between friends

To facilitate reimbursement between friends, there are several online payment applications, which allow transfers to be made easily and free of charge, via a smartphone.


Very popular, Lydia is a French application that has existed since 2011, and allows its users to send and receive money online. You can easily link Lydia to your bank account, to top up your balance and reimburse your friends, or recover the money sent to you. The application offers a detailed history of transactions, and allows payments to be made using the recipient’s phone number or QR code. The pot feature is also available to collect money at an event.

Available on iOS and Android.

© Lydia

2. PayPal

PayPal is the most widely used online payment service in the world. It allows you to send money easily and securely between loved ones. So you can make free transfers to pay your friends, create an online kitten or even use your balance to make purchases. The application offers a system of personalized links to share to request refunds in an easy way. It is also possible to use the email address or phone number to send money.

Available on iOS and Android.

© PayPal


Paylib is an online payment service created by several banks in France. It allows you to make instant transfers, to reimburse friends for example. It is possible to send money with Paylib to anyone, as long as they have a bank account living in France or Monaco. The maximum transaction amount is set by each bank. The beneficiary of the transfer is notified immediately via SMS.

Available on iOS and Android.

© Paylib

4. Pumpkins

Pumpkin is an online payment application that simplifies payment between relatives. He offers to make transfers free of charge, to balance expenses between friends. You can create a collective slate, in the form of a spreadsheet, that allows you to indicate who owes how much to whom, according to all the costs incurred by each. It is possible to request a refund, which is sent directly to the desired contact. To transfer money, all you need is your recipient’s phone number.

Available on iOS and Android.

© Pumpkins

5. Lyf Pay

Lyf Pay is a payment platform between friends that simplifies the transfer of money between friends. Everything goes through the application, and money transfers are made right away. You can easily make refund requests with Lyf Pay, and transfer the amount received to your bank account. If your beneficiary does not use the application, he / she will receive an SMS inviting him / her to create an account so that his / her money can be easily recovered. The platform also allows you to create online pots to collect money on a particular occasion.

Available on iOS and Android.

body pay
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Splitwise is a group expense organization app that automatically calculates reimbursements for a group. Based on everyone’s payments, Splitwise shows who owes how much to whom. You can add expenses at any time so you don’t forget them. The application offers to refund your friends directly, by paying online, but you can also indicate if a refund has been made outside of the application.

Available on iOS and Android.

© Splitwise

7. Tricount

Tricount is a group expense calculator application, which allows you to balance the total charge, indicating who should reimburse whom. It allows you to add each expense directly, and update automatically. Each participant will see the costs added by the others, as well as the status of each person’s accounts and debts. The balance is shown in red if the person needs to send money, and green if they need to receive it. You can make out-of-app refunds, or use Lyf Pay (see above) directly with Tricount.

Available on iOS and Android.

three counts
© Tricount

8. Our friends accounts

Our accounts with friends is a cost calculation application for groups, created by the bank BNP Paribas. It allows you to manage the budget by tracking common expenses, to balance over time. The platform only calculates the amounts due, and updates in real time when a cost is added. You can manually adjust the totals as needed. Refunds can be made offline, or go directly to the application, which offers to pay via Lyf Pay (see above).

Available on iOS and Android.

our accounts with friends
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