Metaverse Startup REVA Aims to Solve Problems

London, UK, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-REVA, which emerged as the most promising crypto startup recently acquired by traditional auction house giant, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, for US $ 50 million, has launched its mortgage auction business. After the acquisition of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, the valuation of the young company quickly reached 500 million dollars.

Founded in Silicon Valley, REVA is a professional blockchain technology research and development enterprise, focused on research and development and exploration of emerging technologies in the industry. Among the key technologies in the NFT field, REVA is recognized as the leader in NFT’s leading digital art collection service platform worldwide. Since its inception in 2019, the company has focused on collecting and auctioning high-end NFT artwork and has conducted numerous successful NFT auctions in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and elsewhere. REVA’s comprehensive technology and extensive operating experience in the NFT market has captured the attention of industry leaders including Christie’s, Sotheby’s, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD and Opensea. After much consultation, REVA rejected the acquisition proposals of several groups and finally selected UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD.

UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD announced in an official press release that REVA has become its wholly owned subsidiary following its acquisition. REVA will continue to maintain its independent brand and operations and will be the primary platform for UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD which will be responsible for NFT’s market activities. Going forward, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, as REVA’s flagship company, will provide ongoing financial, technical and resource support. Although no one knows what the next trend in the NFT market will be, it can be said that REVA’s strategic vision is unique. NFT mortgage auction activity will continue to provide great investment opportunities in 2022 and beyond. REVA is likely to be another unicorn company in the NFT arena.

Despite the geometric growth of the NFT market, many problems remain. The main reason for this problem is the intense polarization of NFT products. Anyone can build and create their own NFTs on the platform, making it completely impossible for users to determine which NFTs have real value in the tens of millions of NFTs. On the other hand, a small number of NFTs are sought after by most people, but the price is high. After being bought and collected by some large investors, they are no longer sold and are rejected by ordinary NFT users.

As an institution deeply involved in the field of NFT for many years, REVA accurately sees that in the current market environment, liquidity and pricing are concentrated only in the high-quality products of hot projects, and the large NFT market is faced with wide range of issues such as lack of liquidity and ugly appreciation. REVA boldly launched its NFT mortgage auction business, directly pointing out two weak points of low liquidity in the NFT market and the lack of a pricing system. While providing liquidity and allowing the idle NFT to unlock more value, REVA can better clarify asset analysis and resolve issues.

The REVA mortgage auction business breaks the rules on trading real assets and digital assets. The NFT mortgage auction activity launched by REVA has opened up new opportunities for holders to monetize their NFT. It has become a new way to earn passive income in the world of cryptocurrency. NFT-holding users can obtain benefits without selling or losing ownership of their collections by auctioning off their REVA mortgage assets.

To make a clear analysis of NFT’s assets, REVA has invested a lot of money to form a team consisting of digital art appreciation experts, blockchain technology experts, NFT technology experts and financial analysis experts. At the same time, the company’s board and core operating team acquired teams including Viking’s leading global financiers, senior auctioneers and performers from the British General Public Auction House, providing professional and high quality services for NFT digital art collection and auction by REVA. company, with a secure guarantee of the auction transaction.

REVA mortgage auction activity makes NFT more financial. It will not only meet immediate monetary needs, but also earn income by taking advantage of short -term investment opportunities. More importantly, it can take advantage of long -term investment opportunities to meet “real life” needs without selling valuable assets.

REVA’s NFT mortgage auction business actually consists of three parts. One is the NFT mortgage. REVA accepts orders from clients holding high value NFT collections and can provide loans to clients through NFT mortgages to resolve clients ’cash flow issues. Customers must pay interest on the loan on the REVA platform on a weekly basis.

The second is the auction entrusted to NFT. By pledging the NFT collection to REVA, the customer enters into a protocol with REVA and entrusts to REVA the auction and collection of the NFT collection. REVA will evaluate NFT’s collection value through historical records of NFT’s collection bid values ​​and the professional opinions provided by the expert team, and will sign a specific mandate contract with the client accordingly analysis results. The content of the mandate contract includes the NFT mortgage protocol. In addition to the auction protocol entrusted to NFT, there is also an auction guarantee protocol.

Third, the auction guarantee protocol is based on the appraisal value signed by both parties. REVA will auction and guarantee the product entrusted. If the final transaction price is higher than the entrusted price, the maximum share of the profit will be shared between the client, investor and REVA. If the final purchase amount and the bid are less than the entrusted price, REVA and the investor will jointly proceed with the payment.

As a platform party, REVA primarily plays the role of a business organization in the mortgage auction industry. The REVA platform receives a mandate from clients to engage in the NFT mortgage auction business, and market this business, and then investors select specific products launched by the REVA platform to participate in crowdfunding. REVA is responsible for arranging business, assessing value, arranging auctions and charging a certain proportion of transaction processing fees.

In addition, REVA provides hosting services, giving customers an easy way to match buyers and sellers of NFT, which is very suitable for new users. Users do not have to worry about losing their keys. This practical and reassuring method is also suitable for experienced people. The operation interface generally uses humanized design, and the whole process also has strong fault tolerance. In case of any problem, the platform will help you through support services.

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