Le Lys blanc, a unique jewelry service in Bécancour

BECANCOUR. Le Lys blanc is more than just a jewelry store, as Jacinthe Lussier and Érick Lefebvre do not sell any jewelry. They sell works straight to their imagination, made in their jewelry workshop located on the Boulevard du Port-Royal.

Jacinthe and Érick started their business in January 2020, just months before the pandemic hit. Undeterred, they took advantage of this time to create and provide their displays. “It is very difficult to open at this time. We didn’t know what awaited us, because after 6 weeks, we had to close. We were supposed to make an official opening, but we haven’t done it yet, ”laments Jacinthe.

“It’s hard as a lot of business openings, in fact, nuance Érick. Especially since most of the jewelry stores in the area are multi-generational; they’re a few years old and everyone’s trained to go there, so we have to introduce yourself and stand out! ”

While Jacinthe and Érick both worked in the same jewelry store, the idea of ​​merging forces was created with the primary goal of offering better and more.

Almost everything they sell in their jewelry store is designed in their workshop, except for two watch brands in Montreal as well as small silver jewelry at more affordable prices. “We can’t do everything, so we focus on gold jewelry or high-end silver jewelry,” Jacinthe said.

In addition to offering their own collections in the store, each of them can be modified and adapted to customer tastes, a service rarely offered in jewelry, according to them. We focus heavily on customer taste, Érick says. We may have developed several sets of jewelry, all adaptable. If we have a gem you like, but you prefer in gold or silver, with stones or without stones, we will make it to your liking. That’s the beauty of having creators right there! We try to let customers know this so they understand the possibilities available to them. ”

It is also possible to have a gem that is completely made to measure. “By creating, you attract customers, because most jewelry stores buy jewelry just to sell it,” Jacinthe says. That is often why people approach us. For creation, ”added Érick.

They also offer an on-site repair service. There are a lot of places that don’t do that or send it in for repairs and won’t mention it. We are even arranging for other jewelry stores! “, Launches Erick. For example, not long afterward, a man who loved to hunt approached them for a deer-shaped pendant with exactly thirteen points!

Very few jewelry stores offer this service, we are talking about a unique jewelry service! “, Reassuring colleagues.

If that’s not enough to convince you to check out Le Lys blanc’s unique creations, find out that the two jewelers also rely on the exceptional quality of their confections. “Having worked in many different jewelry stores, I can say the quality has dropped drastically over the years. The metal becomes thinner, the parts become empty to save on metal costs. “It’s not really here. We make jewelry that will last, it will be solid,” said Érick.

Vocation: jeweler

The jeweler is a vocation as for all professions of artists and workers. The tendency to create, to take away something from our imagination. Even if the person comes to us to carry out one of their projects, it is quite gratifying to succeed in fulfilling the request, ”said Érick Lefebvre.

“Jewelry is highly associated with emotions,” Jacinthe Lussier adds. I wear jewelry, but I prefer to create it! When you do that, you don’t think differently, it’s a job that clears my head. ”

Moreover, there is nothing left to chance at Le Lys blanc, as Érick and Jacinthe both take the time to carefully choose their stones and their suppliers. They prefer natural stones over synthetic stones.

They are not of gemstones, but they are less well known. Most jewelry stores don’t bother and order batches of synthetic stones, as we try to come up with more special shapes! Their colors are also better, ”they explained.

On displays showing white lilies visitors can see the creations of our two jewels. Although they love to combine different gold, silver and even platinum, there are also several types of stones such as moonstone, garnet or spinel.

And although jewelry is considered an expensive product, Lys blanc already has an innumerable number of people Jacinthe and Érick meet each month, whether they harm themselves or a loved one!

“We have a small jewelry store, but when people come in, they think it’s beautiful and they are happy with the service and the reception we give them! “, they conclude.

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