Infomineo: Moroccan brainshoring specialist tried out the Mexican adventure

The Moroccan company, which specializes in brainshoring, is thinking big. After Cairo, Dubai and Barcelona, ​​Infomineo set up in Mexico, to support its customers in the Americas. Furthermore, he is looking at a facility in South Asia in the near future.

A 100% Moroccan company setting up in Latin America? Yes, it does … it’s Infomineo, the leading brainshoring provider in the MEA region (Middle East and Africa). With over 10 years of expertise, the startup is located in Casablanca, Cairo, Dubai and Barcelona. Now, he is in Mexico where he will seek new sources of growth by settling in Mexico City.

The company, led by Hamza Laraichi and Martin Tronquit, is now able to provide live support to its customers in the Americas. The goal of the operator is, properly, “partner of American companies operating in various fields, namely: consulting, health, mass consumption …”, we explain to top management.

So, Infomineo is shifting a gear. This new opening represents, for him, an important step in the framework of his global growth strategy.

Brainshoring, what is it really?
Infomineo’s service offering has become a new generation of outsourced services, called “brainshoring”, a concept specific to the Moroccan company. Over the past three decades, the service industry has evolved to adapt to three major changes in the reality that companies are experiencing, the increasing availability of collaboration tools and dematerialization; continuing increasing pressure on talent in developed economies in tandem with the development of increasingly sophisticated talent pools in emerging economies; and increasingly fierce global competition, which reinforces the importance of specialization, where each company must re -focus on what constitutes its true competitive advantage.

Refocusing has now become possible due to the presence of an ecosystem of partners or specialized external service providers. Many industries have been reorganized under the impact of these trends. And the service outsourcing industry is probably the one that has thrived more under these effects. “The offer of outsourced trade is thus expanding, with increasingly complex services, involving a high level of critical thinking, problem solving and customer integration”, it was noted in Infomineo.

Based on this observation, Infomineo itself has set the ambition of developing a new generation of outsourced services, making it possible to position Morocco on the world map of KPO ((Knowledge process outsourcing), and this, in by advancing more integration and the level of added value, it is now necessary to distinguish themselves.

“We named this new generation of outsourced brainshoring services. How do we define brainshoring? It is the outsourcing of specialized skills that relies on offshore specialists who can fully integrate into a client organization, ”explains Hamza Laraichi, Managing Partner of Infomineo.

Thus, where other outsourced services are entirely focused on implementation, brainshoring is more concerned with establishing a methodology that will solve, in a coherent way, the challenges and requests of customers, integrated as a function permanently in the customer’s organizational system.

Thus, brainhoring focuses on what is commonly called problem solving, and revolves around several stages: understanding the issue or customer context, definition of the solution space, definition of a procedure to respond to it, implementation with regular sharing with the client allows adjustments to be made over time, retrieving the most appropriate format.

As a reminder, Infomineo currently has 200 employees worldwide, including 80 in Morocco. In the past year, the operator has created 80 more jobs around the world and, this year, 30 new jobs in Morocco.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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