her very daring revelation about Annie to TPMP People

This Saturday, May 14, 2022, viewers were thrilled to see Thierry Olive again on the set of TPMP People. Fans of Love is in the meadow not to forget this tender farmer who became the darling of the season. His romance with Annie has aroused a lot of interest. So, what happens to the couple and how is the farmer? We share with you his secrets …

Love is in the meadow : Thierry Olive and Annie, an emblematic couple of the program!

One thing is certain, Thierry Olive immediately distinguished himself from the other farmers in season 7 of Love is in the meadow. In fact, he was completely natural, spontaneous and he had a certain honesty that made him successful. In addition, he is also very endearing and an infectious laugh. There are so many traits that crack Annie. His participation in Love is in the meadow in 2012 yet, but for those who follow the program, it was yesterday. The dairy cow breeder lives in Sarthe and experienced a tragedy before embarking on the adventure. In fact, her husband, Nathalie, died of a brain tumor and she decided to try Karine Le Marchand’s program to get rid of her grief.

We can say he won his bet, ever since he fell in love with Annie and it became mutual. Today, the couple is still married, and this, since September 15, 2012. Ten years after its participation in the release of Love is in the field, He has not changed. On the set of TPMP Peoplethis Saturday, May 14, 2022, he didn’t hesitate to make naughty jokes as usual!

The couple was united in the trials

Matthieu Delormeau hosts the show TPMP People every Saturday. The handsome blond asked Thierry Olive about him “everyday” with his wife and he did not hesitate to push her with confidence. “Are we going to get up and love each other?” », question of the channel host C8. Enough for the farmer to cause excitement on set with his answer: We kinda put the little stuff in the drawerhe admits.

Rather surprised, Matthieu Delormeau replied that he should be released without further delay “don’t let it rust” by comparing it “small furniture” with a pruner. So, Thierry Olive started saying he had an accident on the road in February. Since then, he has to be careful and slow down! But, it’s obvious that he can count on sweet Annie. The latter is always very attentive to his farmer from Love is in the meadow.

The former candidate Love is in the meadow only one is sorry

But, Thierry Olive still has regrets in his relationship. Lovebirds have no offspring together. On the set of TPMP People, the former candidate Love is in the meadow recalled that he was the father of a daughter, born from her first union. She failed to come up with a blended family with her husband already ” older “ than him. “I have a problem, we haven’t had a child yet. I took steps to adopt, but it’s a headache now “he emotionally admitted in 2020, in one of his appearances on the set of TPMP. The farmer added: “When there are little children who are in trouble, we can help them because I love children. My husband is taking care of the children. He takes care of a little girl, I am his father, but the father of the farm “he says.

Apart from Titi, there are other former farmers from Love is in the field, like Mathieu and Alexandre, as well as Jean-Michel. Watch the excerpts below!

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