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GRANDSOISSONS is an attractive place for businesses, with 52,000 residents, more than 2,000 businesses and an employment pool of 107,000 residents.

Participating in the entrepreneurship adventure at GrandSoissons means benefiting from dynamic, coordinated and responsive local systems and networks to promote the emergence of projects. This is a quality recognized by all partners in the territory. Focus on 2 companies, CHOPIN and VIVOCAZ, who have chosen this strategic territory to develop.


Located in Champlat-Boujacourt (on the Marne), the wines of Maison CHOPIN are the expression of a knowledge and a typical particular in this terroir, the Champagne. This high-quality home has chosen to turn to a territory consistent with its development and its diversification strategy: GrandSoissons. Chopin joined the SME village in 2021, relying on local job networks for recruitment, initially having about ten employees.

Didier Chopin, the head of this high-quality champagne house, has chosen to invest 2400 m² of the formerly rehabilitated site of BSL Industries, by installing 21 vats there. La Nouvelle Vallée, the name given to the project led by this Champagne entrepreneur, plans to produce the equivalent of 20,000 bottles per day of aperitif wines and beers. Actor and businessman, it is at his level that the latter participates, through his company, in the attractiveness of the territory. In fact, it is specifically by exploiting the quality of its land that Chopin will allow the territory to become wine again. By developing many partnerships with local farmers and businesses, the group is full of ideas to leverage GrandSoissons assets: composition of innovative beverages, creation of incentives and tourist activity related to wine and agriculture. ” The integration of GrandSoissons appeared clear in our desire to diversify. We benefited from an ideal location to develop our activity, but also from the sincere support that continues day by day. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the dynamism of this territory and encourage all future entrepreneurs who are still hesitant to try to thrive in the midst of this agglomeration that offers many assets and join our network! said Didier Chopin, founder of the Chopin house.


Originally from Soissons, Jean-Charles Roy had the idea to bring an innovative solution to the automotive market, by generating a digital car file in the form of a mobile application. A real time saver for consumers, companies by simplifying the management of their fleet of vehicles! This start-up chose to set up one of GrandSoissons ’business incubators to grow its business. Local networks for the accompaniment of particularly innovative companies (GrandSoissons Agglomeration, Aisne Initiative, HDFID), have allowed him to benefit from advice, guarantees and connections to have access to funds to improve his solution. It also allowed him to very quickly take 4 young profiles of professional developers, who are willing to invest in this adventure. Today, Vivocaz has completed the entrepreneurial residential course, found its new location at GrandSoissons and will soon have approximately ten employees.

“Setting up at the heart of GrandSoissons to develop our innovative solution is a strategic choice. With direct connection to Paris and its network of startupers, this territory is a real lever in terms of its geographical location. In particular, we are participating in the MOOVLAB integration of station F. I want to stay here, at GrandSoissons, where my family and friends are. I love this welcoming, green, vibrant territory conducive to business! » emphasis on Jean-Charles Roy.


The GrandSoissons agglomeration is a dynamic, diverse and very desirable place for entrepreneurship, the cradle of great successes such as Vivocaz, or the construction of the Chopin house. GrandSoissons offers business creators and buyers a complete range of services to boost the visibility of their project: access to assistance and financing systems, networking (My Business Line), incubator, incubator and business hotel , B to B events, etc. The community also encourages student entrepreneurship projects (PéPite), residents from the City’s Priority Neighborhoods. Particular attention is paid to social change projects, one of the details of the territory, especially in Le Relais, Seve. GrandSoissons and the City of Soissons are committed to maintaining and developing local trade, implementing several support systems. With 6.1% of commercial vacancies in its main area, GrandSoissons has one of the 3 lowest rates in the Hauts-de-France region among medium-sized towns. To guarantee the well-being and well-being of residents and businesses, GrandSoissons and the City of Soissons invest in high-quality equipment: development of economic activity parks, aquatic complex, City of Music and Dance, eco-neighborhood , beautification of the heart of the city of Soissons, new video mapping show “Soissons en Lumières”, etc. The community is also committed to improving the quality of life of its 2100 students and to creating Masters in the area. To Alain Crémont, President of GrandSoissons Agglomeration:

It has an ideal geographical location close to Paris and Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airports, federated networks for entrepreneurship and employment, a dynamic ecosystem of creators and buyers, real estate and land availability for all types of business. activity, and a strong political will to make the territory an economical and attractive destination: GrandSoissons is THE place where any entrepreneur will be welcomed. »

About: GrandSoissons Agglomeration is a human-sized territory that brings together 28 municipalities and has just over 52,000 inhabitants, for an employment pool of 107,000 inhabitants. France’s first capital, this territory has succeeded in preserving its rich heritage while transforming itself to meet the challenges of 21st century populations and businesses. A land of stability, GrandSoissons mobilizes all of its vital forces to embrace and develop projects and ambitions. The community has an investment capacity of 10 million euros per year to create its renewal and continue to cover the future.

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