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Renovation Man, an expert in made renovations, is promoting its development strategy in France and setting up in Nice.

This is 10ika city ​​where the start-up is progressing for 1 year. This deployment was accompanied, in the medium term, by the retention of 60 indirect jobs by 20 artisan partners. Renovation Man aims to work on 60 construction sites by the end of 2022. This deployment is also accompanied by vacancies in the region.


After covering the region of Paris, Nantes, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rouen, Evreux, Mulhouse, Lyon, Montpellier, Renovation Man decided to set up in Nice to meet the growing demand. Since 2020 and for this year again, the desire to work and develop your home has never been so strong. At least 80% of owners are thinking of at least one type of job in the next 5 years. Therefore, it is in this dynamic that Renovation Man continues its development with the ambition to restore the confidence of individuals in developing professionals.

While home renovations are one of the sources of stress that the French can have (fear of exceeding the budget and the deadline, hiring a dishonest craftsman, end up not worth it) the inhabitants of the region, thanks to Renovation Man, will be able to access an innovative service. In fact, the start-up offers reliable, quick job quotes as well as specialized support thanks to its job experts who guarantee the confidence that individuals will have in the workers they call.


To arrange the opening of his office, Renovation Man relies on an experienced profile from the region. Anne Monnier, who has been training and building her network for almost 11 years thanks to her experience in the yacht industry. One thing leading to another, his taste for this sector led him to manage luxury villas on the Côte d’Azur. Since April, Anne Monnier has joined the Renovation Man set to support the people of Nice with their renovation and interior design work.

Renovation Man relies on a local presence and it requires a strict and limited selection of workers, essential partners at the heart of the platform system. To expand its local team, Renovation Man will, in the medium term, offer positions as employment consultants, employment experts and quality managers to ensure the development of activity in the region of Nice. By relying on the network of experts in the region, Renovation Man assesses the promotion of local employment and the knowledge of workers.

We have ambitious goals for the region, whose attractiveness continues to rise. In dealing with this dynamic, we can provide a real solution to the citizens of Nice who want to renovate their accommodation. “ Anne Monier, Renovation Man work expert.


For this implementation, Renovation Man aims to manage 60 construction sites by the end of 2022. Thus, 20 craftsmen from the region will rely on Renovation Man’s digital expertise to gain visibility and thus increase their activity. In 2022, the start-up aims to develop its activity in France, primarily thanks to the development of the region.

Our desire is to offer individuals in the region a quality and secure service by focusing on local businesses. The opening of our service in Nice will allow individuals to benefit from high-quality work for their organizational work and also to simplify the activity of workers, who are often overwhelmed with administrative tasks or providing quotes. “accurate Jerome MuffatPresident and co-founder of Renovation Man


This digital asset can also help boost individuals ’trust in their craftsman. In fact, created in 2017 by Jérôme Muffat and Benoit Charpentier, Renovation Man offers a support service for individuals in their work that combines both digital, with innovative digital tools to simplify and secure every stage of a project. , and people, with a unique local presence. In fact, Renovation Man’s work experts select the best workers in the field and can intervene with customers. By working with a limited number of worker partners, the service offers individuals the guarantee to benefit from the best selected workers.

About Man in Repair

Simpler, faster, safer: Renovation Man is the digital platform that supports individuals in their renovation. Its revolutionary approach is based on two pillars: technological innovation and a unique local presence. First of all, digital tools that simplify the preparation and follow-up of work for the customer as well as for the craftsman. And in the field, a network of work experts who select the best local workers and work directly with customers.

Launched in 2017 in Paris, Ile-de-France by Jérôme Muffat and Benoît Charpentier, Renovation Man is now present in Nantes, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rouen and Évreux, Mulhouse, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice and plans to extend its service to new cities in France by the end of 2022.

Since its creation, Renovation Man has had 65 employees and 200 artisan partners. In 2021, more than 60 projects per month were conducted for a customer satisfaction rate of 98% in a sector where dissatisfaction is systematic.

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