To promote the inclusion of refugees, each One supports companies from A to Z.

Do you have recruitment, integration and diversity needs? For six years, the social start-up each helping companies find new talent among refugees and engage their teams in favor of inclusion. To this end, the company has a mission to offer personalized recruitment and support solutions to suit everyone’s needs. Purpose: to enable refugees and newcomers to be included in the job market of their country of focus on a long-term basis.

In France, 42% of refugees work, including one in four on permanent contracts, a year after obtaining their residence permit, according to a study by the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri). If this figure seems encouraging, it is far from enough for everyone. To favor sustainable employment for newcomersthe start-up has created an innovative and focused HR solution: the All-in-One program.

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From training to professional integration

With its All-in-One program, each One provides companies with a turnkey solution that allows them to do more than traditional recruitment. These include some parts:

  • the selection of 10 to 15 candidates, trained in business needsalong with three months of training soft skills at difficult practice before taking office;
  • employee training and awareness (managers, HR, groups involved), at the rate of 30 per program.

Thanks to a simple and standardized process from recruitment to integration, this program offers companies follow-up from A to Z. In addition to training new talent and allowing them to express their full potential, this program also offers:

  • Administrative and individual follow-up of candidates
  • Activation, with the company, of funding to OPCOs and Pôle emploi
  • A single point of contact available to candidates during project deployment, guaranteeing the success of the program

During this time, employees will also be made aware of the values ​​of inclusion and diversity. The goal: to create a collective dynamics that will allow strengthen company teams in the long run.

This unprecedented and innovative approach also seems to be bearing fruit: today, 85% of people trained by the programs All in one is drawn to the long -term contracts of every One customer.

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Towards sustainable jobs and successful businesses

By facilitating meetings between companies and refugees, everyone wants encourage diversity and the expression of the multiplicity of talents of these audiences in companies. A goal that allows participating companies to be more responsible, but also better. According to a report by auditing firm Deloitte, diverse teams are on average 20% more innovative and 87% of them make better decisions.

“Each one creates a bridge that is missing between, on the one hand, refugee people, unemployed or systematically demoted, and companies, which are increasingly demanding profiles that allow them to get stuck in the logic of cloning. “

Théo Scubla, Co-founder and CEO of Each.

In six years, each One has supported more than 2,000 talents towards sustainable employment throughout France. At the same time, the company’s impact has raised awareness among more than 15,500 employees. And it’s not intended to stop there: the start-up plans to support 10,000 refugees per year toward sustainable employment by 2025, and 100,000 by 2030.

you like make an inclusion project a reality in your company? Discover innovative solutions ngeach for I’ll go with you in your focused approach.

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