The job sites RegionsJob, ParisJob and Cadreo merged and became now brings together all the regional job sites RegionsJob, ParisJob, OuestJob…, Cadreo and RegionsJob Interim into a single platform. Thanks to this merger, HelloWork Group, the leading French digital player in employment and training, wants to make recruitment more transparent for candidates.

This is a new step for HelloWork and the group’s other sites: the RegionsJob and Cadreo platforms are gone, to merge under the HelloWork name. There is no more research on regional versions of RegionsJob, such as OuestJob, NordJob, PacaJob, or ParisJob, and on the Cadreo site, which focuses on the recruitment and professional mobility of executives. Everything is now done on For older users, everything stays in place, and the features they used remain the same. Favorite job offers and settings are well saved, and services remain free for candidates. a single platform for greater transparency

This integration aims to improve the candidate experience by making the recruitment process smoother.

For HelloWork, in fact, many advances have been made in the world of recruitment, but important points remain to improve: although job search has become simpler and more seamless, some recruiters have not. talking enough. Often, the candidate is not told if his or her application has been received, if it has been examined, if he or she has passed the first stage before an interview … He or she is also not informed of the expected process, or of the salary.

Recruitment: a better candidate experience

However, a smoother recruitment makes it possible to better guide candidates. For recruiters, this saves time and leads to more qualified candidates. This is why HelloWork wants to do everything to put the candidate at the center of the recruitment process.

“We want to further digitize the candidate experience and make it more seamless, so that it aligns with the customer experience to which everyone is now accustomed to their digital devices,” underlined François Leverger, CEO of HelloWork .

HelloWork on how the group became a leading digital player in employment, recruitment and training

This merger marks a decisive step in the history of the HelloWork group, a group in ongoing dynamics. Today, France’s leading digital player in employment, recruitment and training, it supports working people, companies, recruitment firms and temporary employment companies. Success is there, as the numbers prove:

  • Its various platforms aggregated 5.7 million Unique Visitors in March 2021 (Médiamétrie // NetRatings – Mesure Internet Global).
  • Every day, more than 4,000 people sign employment contracts after using HelloWork’s employment solutions.
  • Every day, 300 people start training (initial or professional) after using Diploma or Maformation.
  • Each month, 30,000 professionals use HelloWork Group’s services to recruit or promote their training.

HelloWork: continuous new acquisitions in the field of employment and recruitment

This result is the result of several acquisitions carried out by the Rennes -based company, which belongs to the Telegram group. Most recently, Basile (a turnkey digital solution that optimizes recruitment through cooptation and internal mobility) has preceded the acquisition of Diplomeo, Jobijoba and start-up Seekube, which specializes in virtual recruitment forums, in the past three years. These three companies saw their activities grow by +32% on average each year.

At the same time, the group continued its innovations, for example to improve the description of job offers so that they contain more information on companies. Another early concern algorithms, to allow access to the most relevant opportunities. Video interviews, which are becoming increasingly common, also show a change in habits.

A favorable job market that boosts HelloWork group results

While the job was already experiencing some tension before the health crisis, vacancies began to rise in 2020, then in 2021. The historic activities of the HelloWork group (Regionsjob now HelloWork, MaFormation, BDM) continue to grew with activity up 40% last year.

The year 2022 looks promising for the group led by Jérôme Armbruster, between the new complete merger and the acquisition of the starting Basile. With 430 employees, HelloWork plans to hire at least 100 more.

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