The Île-de-France Region will feature 16 start-ups

CES in Las Vegas in numbers

  • 1,600 companies exhibitors
  • 160 countries represented
  • 150 French exhibitors
  • 175,000 attended in 2020

After the virtual 2021 edition, the Consumer Electronics Show will return “to real life” in 2022 for this 55th edition.

From January 5 to 7, 2022, the world’s largest tech -focused trade fair is once again welcoming innovation players from around the world to Las Vegas (United States).

On this occasion, the Île-de-France Region is supported by 16 start-ups that embody the spirit of the “Smart Region” and selected for their innovations in:

  • mobility,
  • The environment,
  • health,
  • security,
  • Entertainment.

The Region provides financial support to these 16 companies so that they can participate in the show.

Ile-de-France start-ups supporting the Region at CES 2022

An important step for all players in change, the Las Vegas show will allow a delegation of start-ups from the Ile-de-France region to meet and talk with the world’s leading decision makers. .

In the stand of the Region, 16 Ile-de-France companies will unveil their technological solutions:

  • Artifeel : no wifi, no electricity, no keyboard, start-up modifies alarms using its integrated 4G sensor powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that makes the protection of isolated sites affordable.
  • auum : immediate solution to clean, disinfect and dry the glasses, and thus get rid of disposable cups.
  • BCV -(Basecamp Vascular): scalable robotic solution that simplifies vascular navigation, designed to optimize minimally invasive interventions in the event of stroke.
  • Chiron IT : real-time motion analysis system via camera and AI, applied to sport and health.
  • Cocoparks : complete real-time parking and road management solution, intended for cities to facilitate parking and improve traffic flow.
  • Datakalab : provider of optimized AI algorithms and turnkey computer vision solutions that comply with GDPR standards.
  • Exwayz : real -time 3D perception solution for object detection and navigation, suitable for all autonomous systems – robots, drones and vehicles.
  • Fluent : portable and remotely controlled automated platform that facilitates the modeling of human organs through cell culture in conditions close to the physiological environment.
  • Istya : these air quality evaluation sensors are designed to monitor, predict and raise awareness of indoor air quality.
  • Kinetix : online platform that allows to change any video to 3D animation thanks to AI and add characters, objects and animations.
  • M&R Devices (DATA5): device for measuring, via connected bibs, the performance of novice athletes in a playful setting.
  • Paladax : the Umbra case-box accepts connected phones and watches, preventing them from recording or transmitting data while remaining under the eyes of their owner.
  • Quantiq : to turn any smartphone into a “medical device” by examining the face to measure heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, etc.
  • Spoke : solution for capturing and modifying videoconferencing in an effective summary, and possibility of creating a library with the function of searching, editing and sharing conversations.
  • WattPark: charging ecosystem for electric vehicles: shareable, profitable and accessible to everyone, anywhere.
  • Wisear : offers users quiet and hands-free control of connected objects by detecting their brain and muscle activity.

A ready delegation of Ile-de-France approaches CES in Las Vegas

As an introduction to the high mass of new technologies, the Île-de-France Region has already brought together 16 companies around a preparatory workshop in December 2021. The goal? Together identify the challenges of this international exhibition and educate entrepreneurs to optimize their presence on the site.

The workshop ended with a pitch session in English, followed by a moment of networking. An opportunity for these promising companies to get to know each other better and create team spirit in the Ile-de-France region.

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