The Grande Ecole du Numérique is launching a search engine for IT training in France

To promote access to the digital sector and respond to the talent shortage, the Grande ecole du numrique offers a search engine for IT training in France. Nearly 40 technological professions are represented and job seekers can choose several filters including 100% online offers.

The Great Digital School has reinvented itself. This training network for digital professions expands its field of action by offering to help anyone wishing to train for a digital profession to find the training that suits them, regardless of their level of education and professional situation. To do this, it now offers a specialized search engine that is completed within four months. Several databases were recovered for this project: the Mon Compte Formation (CPF), Onisep, and the Carif-Oref network. To build this search engine, GEN determined to rely on three French Edtech.

First, this data was homogenized and then enriched with additional information thanks to Inokufu’s automated semantic analysis technology based on artificial intelligence. Subsequently, Mindmatcher intervened to ensure finer information processing and “allow the search engine to rely both on the digital GEN mapping profession but also on full-text search criteria using specific” formacodes. “.Finally, the Appsearch solution, which specializes in providing APIs, was used to design more complex searches, specifically indexed by digital professions and by keywords.

To build this search engine, GEN determined to rely on three French Edtech. (Credit: GEN)

A wide selection of IT training

People who want to practice will find a portal that offers them, according to their profile, personalized results. It is possible to search by business family-security, network and cloud, management/piloting, graphics/interface design, data/IA/IoT, installation/maintenance/telecom, digital communications, marketing and e-commerce or even development, testing and Ops. Users can select a family of trades or click on a particular trade resulting from these categories. They can also fill in the location, with a perimeter, check “100% online” and specify the current level of education.

Digital profession training map available on the GEN website starting May 2022. (Credit: GEN)

The tool, simple and responsive, lets you search from a computer as well as a mobile. GEN announced that it offers a catalog of more than 15,000 training courses for some forty trades represented. This search engine is intended to regularly enrich and offer more detailed “matching” options from the end of 2022 to offer jobs closer to everyone’s ability. On this portal, 70 digital job descriptions are also available, supported by key personnel, a training observatory and digital practices highlighting the “Top 15” tense jobs in each region, as well as advice, tools, article background and topicality about digital professions in France and their challenges.

Addressing a dual purpose

In addition, GEN announced the creation of an observatory to contribute to the evolution of the training offer for digital professions. A call for “Innovation” projects is also in the program, to select and subsidize innovative projects in terms of recruitment, education, support and above all the professional integration of the target audience of GEN. In various parts of this development, GEN wants to “advance as many people as possible in the digital professions to support the economic growth of companies still in need of IT talent. ” It also wants to strengthen the social and professional integration of people excluded from work and training, particularly youth, women and residents from priority neighborhoods.

The health crisis is an unprecedented vector for the digitalization of companies, but it has also widened the gap between different types of society. In its program, the Grande Ecole du Numérique wants to offer qualified employees to companies and the initial results observed are positive: more than 39,000 people away from work will be trained by the end of 2021 through certified training. GEN also observes more than 72% of positive releases each year. However, the talent shortage remains. Telework, the increased development of e-commerce, big data, cloud and AI, is making IT professions more present than ever to companies. “It’s important to train hard in these digital professions and to attract more people to this sector, a vector of jobs”, says GEN.

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