The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp organized its first Linen Day Paris

On June 9, 2022, CELC is organizing a day of immersion and meetings to celebrate the environmental values ​​of European linen.

According to the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, flax benefits from “many and inspiring properties that contribute to making its fiber THE material of tomorrow”, as it is in line with consumers ’ecological concerns. “A zero-waste fiber, made in Europe, that possesses endless creative and innovative potential, a real source of inspiration for creators and designers.”

Determined to take advantage of these environmentally responsible values, CELC is launching, in collaboration with our partners Les Echos and Le Parisien Event, a new event: Linen Day Paris, its first edition will take place on June 9, 2022 , in Paris .. The event is intended for European leaders of fashion, decoration and lifestyle brands, but also for their suppliers, spinners, weavers and knitters and opinion leaders. CELC expects more than 300 leading players in the textile sector (CSR, style, purchasing, R&D, innovation, quality, marketing) and has set its own two goals: “use an innovation that is already in the works and accelerate continuity of moving into the world of fashion and lifestyle ”.

The day of the conferences will be managed, among others, by Fabrice Lundy or Pierre Léonforte, columnist and journalist. More than 30 experts and key witnesses agreed to share their views and concrete experiences. They will bring their perspective and their commitment to the values ​​and qualities of European linen, through round tables and keynotes, to the auditorium of the Institut de France (3 Mazarium, 3 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris). Everything is punctuated by videos and events.

The main topics of reflection are related to: the preference, the modernity of linen and the ability to be innovative (textures, weaves, in knitted or warp and weft or even in fabrics for technical use) ; scientific data proving the sector’s leadership role in terms of CSR and traceability (with the support of Europeanflax®, Masters of linen® certifications – tools that allow brands to verify the origin and quality of their products); the development of European standards.

In addition, economic data and market analyzes will pinpoint the growth drivers (territories and markets) available in the sector. All of this data will serve as a reminder of the power and perspective of this sector that now produces 80 percent of the world’s flax fiber.

“Wearing linen is modern, inspiring and focused”

The message of the film “The Flax Manifesto 2022”, directed by Jonathan Steuer, which puts Flax in motion through contemporary dance into an artistic gesture, will be shown on June 9 and broadcast on social networks

The “Touch and Feel” experience will allow participants to discover, in the heart of the city, a mini flax field sown by a group of young farmers from the Normandy cooperative Terre de Lin.

From June 10, 2022, to introduce the universe to the general public, three fields of flax planted in the ground will be seen in the Hameau de la Reine – Domaine de Versailles, with the expertise and collaboration of the gardeners of Versailles and the group. of young of Terre de Lin (Normandy’s main fiber -producing cooperative).

About the European Flax and Hemp Confederation (CELC): Western Europe is the world’s leading producer of flax fiber. France, Belgium and the Netherlands account for 80 percent of production! The only European agro-industrial organization that consolidates and integrates all stages of production and processing of Flax and Hemp, ie, 10,000 companies in 14 countries in Europe. A mission based on the innovative and environmental properties of its fibers, guaranteed by European Flax® and Masters of Linen® trackability scores, and promoted to professionals and consumers through the “I love linen “.

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