Republican leaders make white supremacy excusable, accuses Liz Cheney

While elected Republicans for two days denied accusations that the rhetoric of some of them encouraged racism, Liz Cheney also stoned her former colleagues on Monday by posting her criticisms on Twitter.

The management of [Parti républicain] of the House of Representatives has made white nationalism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism tolerable. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in worse. »

A quote from Liz Cheney, Representative from Wyoming

Leaders [républicains] must renounce these opinions and reject them and those who defend themadded one who, until nearly a year ago, was part of the Republican high hierarchy in Congress.

Such criticism from a politician who has multiplied criticism of the Republican leadership since the 2020 presidential election is not surprising in itself. Having been an outcast within her training due to her insistence that the presidential election was not stolen from Donald Trump, Ms. Cheney was even ousted from his position as president of the Republican Conference in the House.

Such an outing by a traditional and conservative politician, the son of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who associates the white nationalism claimed by the author of Saturday’s shooting with the habit of his own political family, is less important.

Ms. Cheney was picked up by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who accused her of tweeting division and dangerous lies of the Democrats to try to raise money from Democratic donors to retain his seat. It’s patheticdid he say.

Last February, Marjorie Taylor Greeene and her colleague Paul Gosar participated, with impunity, in a conference organized by a white supremacist.

If Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he was judging awful the habit of these two members of his caucus, however, he did not retaliate against them.

The “Great Replacement”

The buffalo shooter shot 13 people, 11 of them black. Ten of the victims died.

Photo: Associated Press/Derek Gee

The Justice Department described the shooting that killed 10 people at a supermarket in a predominantly African-American area on Saturday as a angry crime and an act ofviolent extremism motivated by racism.

In recent years, other murders, such as in Charleston (South Carolina) in 2015, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in 2018, then El Paso (Texas) in 2019, have been mostly committed by young white men, according to respectively targeting blacks, Jews and Hispanic Americans. .

The man identified by law enforcement as the perpetrator of the Buffalo shooting, Payton Gendron, 18, describes himself as a white supremacist in a 180-page document posted online shortly before the tragedy and considered by authorities true.

The 18-year-old invokes in his manifest the conspiracy theory of great replacementa far right conspiratorial ideology according to which elites, especially Jews, want to replace the white population among other things through immigration.

Once marginal, the idea has now found its way into more conventional right-wing circles, in a reduced version where overt anti-Semitic themes have been evacuated.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger joined his voice with Democrats and columnists who notably pointed to Liz Cheney’s successor, Elise Stefanik.

3 du [Parti républicain] de la Chambre”,”text”:”Saviez-vous qu’Elise Stefanik fait la promotion de la théorie du remplacement des Blancs? La n°3 du [Parti républicain] de la Chambre”}}”>Did you know that Elise Stefanik advocates the white replacement theory? No. 3 of [Parti républicain] from the room, he wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Liz Cheney, of which she is one of the rare allies caught [de son poste] because he questioned the truthhe denounced.

Kevin McCarthy questions about it must be answeredhe wrote, hyperlinking an article criticizing an ad by Ms. campaign team. Stefanik, posted in September on Facebook.

Although the ad does not name the theory by name, it does reflect some element of its rhetoric.

: une INSURRECTION ÉLECTORALE PERMANENTE. Leur plan, visant à accorder l’amnistie à 11MILLIONS d’immigrants illégaux, va renverser notre électorat actuel et créer une majorité libérale permanente à Washington”,”text”:”Les démocrates radicaux préparent leur coup le plus agressif à ce jour: une INSURRECTION ÉLECTORALE PERMANENTE. Leur plan, visant à accorder l’amnistie à 11MILLIONS d’immigrants illégaux, va renverser notre électorat actuel et créer une majorité libérale permanente à Washington”}}”>Radical Democrats are planning their most aggressive coup: A PERMANENT ELECTION INSURANCE. Their plan, to grant amnesty to 11 MILLION illegal immigrants, will overthrow our current voter and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.underlined the publicity.

In a press release, the main interested party denounced embarrassing, dishonest and dangerous slander launched by left, his anti-Trump allies and the bootlicking stenographers. The elected Republican, representing a district of New York State, opposes Joe Biden’s mass amnesty for illegal immigrants and open bordersbut never support any racist position or make racist statementssaid the statement.

A message increasingly delivered

Tucker Carlson posed for photos in a Fox News studio, in front of a screen showing the show’s title bearing his name.

With more than 3 million viewers, Tucker Carlson’s show has the best rating of all shows on so -called cable news channels, according to figures from last April.

Photo: Associated Press/Richard Drew

The type of message Rep. Stefanik is increasingly spread by Republican elected officials and candidates, as well as right-wing outlets, such as Fox News.

A survey of New York Times published earlier this month showed that star host Tucker Carlson is claiming elites and the Democratic camp is trying to force demographic change in more than 400 episodes of his show, the network’s most popular cable news.

I know the left and all the little gatekeepers of Twitter are literally hysterical if you use the term replacement, if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current voter, the voters who are currently voting, with new individuals , voters from more. obedient Third World. »

A quote from Fox News host Tucker Carlson in April 2021

According to a poll by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago’s Center for National Opinion Research released days before the hunt, nearly one-third of Americans believe a group of people are bringing immigrants to the United States. United to replace the so -called Native Americans for political gain. Among Republicans, the proportion climbs to nearly one in two.

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