Limoux. Johanna Addat-Netter Nupes candidate in the third constituency

During these presidential elections, the recomposition of the French political landscape took place around three pillars. Emmanuel Marcron’s presidential party, La Rem, the Marine Le Pen National Rally and the New Popular Union of Jean-Luc Mélanchon. With respect to the order of arrival, we presented in our columns Mireille Robert, outgoing majority representative and candidate for the second term, Julien Rancoule the National Rally candidate, and today we met Johanna Adda -Netter candidate of Nudes.

At the age of 26, the young woman from Haute Vallée, had just finished her two masters at the Sorbonne University in Paris. One in political science and another in the professions of citizen participation. What immediately happens when you meet the New Popular Union candidate is his relentless strength and his desire to explain in order to convince.

Where are you from Johanna Adda-Netter?

The third constituency is my home, I became a candidate to defend it. This is the country I want to live, live and have children. You will understand that this circo is close to my heart. Besides, I’m looking for a house, do you know anything for sale?

First political engagement, first campaign?

I have been an activist for Insoumis since 2012. I campaigned for the 2017 presidential election behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon. For 2022, I will be appointed head of the third constituency. I am the young generation of militant rebels. Thanks to my parents and from an early age I was immersed in solidarity commitment. Both doctors, they gave me this social fiber. The new union I have in this constituency has triggered a real enthusiasm in the field, which is pleasing to me. Our cell phones are being picked up by new activists who want to help us stay, distribute leaflets, communicate on social networks. Teams no longer know where to go. Our candidacies brought new hope for victory to the left. Many young people want to participate in the collective effort.

The presidential removed the socialists and La Nupes was born?

The marks of the Socialists have dropped significantly. Candidate Anne Hidalgo failed to catch voters unlike Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A mark of 22% for the People’s Union which is also explained by our program of destruction. We were ahead of the youth and the working class neighborhoods. We respond to concrete issues. Those who think the left is dead are wrong. The left bloc is present and in the lead as shown by all the polls in France, in the Aude and in the third constituency. We are supported by 90% of all the parties that make it up. We responded to the wishes of voters, activists and party officials in favor of this union dynamic. In this regard, I would like to explain what the New People’s Ecological and Social Union is and its program. Nupes is a strategic deal for success. No more and no less. We are aiming for a parliamentary majority. A division in which each constituency has its own candidacy for legislative elections. Because of this, I regret all the candidates on the left who should step down in favor of Nupes. The general interest is to make the left win! The left signed a programmatic agreement based on common values. We come together in what we bring together. Retirement at 60, minimum wage at € 1,500, the price freezes on energy, petroleum, gas, electricity. Basic necessities such as pasta, lard, flour … The recruitment of 100,000 caregivers. Disobedience to Europe if necessary. A Sixth Republic. The green rule, to avoid borrowing more from nature than it can give. One billion euros will be allocated to the fight against violence against women. Nationalization of streets and airports. Elimination of the so-called law of El Khomri. Along with the other Nupes candidates, we will vote on these laws when we come to the National Assembly. Before the first of July and by decree if necessary. At La Nupes you will notice that in Aude we are just candidates and that too is first!

Before Nupes the Socialist Party elected Philippe Andieu mayor of Cépie and regional councilor?

There was agreement after the presidential election and a third constituency was reserved for the New Popular Union for France Insoumise. I am in contact with Phillippe Andrieu. We will meet soon to talk. I do not know, at this time, his decision on possible continuation or withdrawal. This decision is up to him. Certainly the local Socialist Party supports my candidacy. I hope that with Phillippe Andrieu we will be able to work together on the Aude files, if I am elected. Besides, we can only work together since we want him and me to solve the social, economic, democratic and ecological crisis.

On the left will the Radical Left Party have a candidate?

PRG is not in agreement with Nupes. That is why he is free to do what he wants, it is democracy. It may be sad because it will take votes from us in the first round, but it will give us a reserve for the second.

For this scope on what basis of measures and values ​​will you fight?

A representative represents both France and its territory. Our rupture program will apply to all French. A break in particular in Emmanuel Macron’s program. Honestly, we want to change people’s lives. For example, in rural areas, the price of oil is very high, we will block the price at € 1.40 while waiting to build public transport. Like the Carcassonne Quillan railroad line. Here we need local public services. The hospital, the post office … should not be more than 30 minutes from the residential areas. There should be someone behind every counter who helps and accompanies users. Especially with everything dematerialized. We want public services that are free and accessible to everyone. It is not acceptable to travel for more than one hour for treatment. We will return purchasing power to the citizens, not 5 euros a month as the government backed by MP candidate Mireille Robert did. It’s funny! A cynical sum as the shareholders of Cac 40 at the same time reaped record profits, 80 million euros in 2021. To us we clearly see that the French start-up of the President of the Republic did not leak. In a difficult department like ours, purchasing power and the public transport network make full sense. It is also necessary to promote organic farming of farmers and support the ecological transition of farmers.

Exactly if I tell you Europe, agriculture, viticulture?

Climate change leads to disasters, floods, droughts and here we see the inaction of the government and of Europe, which is only there to fix and provide subsidies. Farmers have to live from their work. Rather than subsidize, climate change should be expected within the framework of ecological planning. We no longer want scoops but a large -scale ecological transition program and the creation of 300,000 jobs in agricultural trades. We want to stop aid per hectare and the funds from the common agricultural policy (CAP) will go to farms. To favor small agricultural structures. In the context of public procurement, we will favor solidarity and local agricultural companies, this will be done in violation of the European treaty. That way we can feed the kids in the school canteens with organic and delicious food. We want to break productivity, pesticides, by supporting farmers in this change. We want a stable agriculture that meets the challenges of the century. We will opt for floor prices by taxing in countries that do not meet our standards at the borders.

If you were elected, what size would you wear?

The guarantee of autonomy for young people at 1063 € per month. To avoid school failure. A young person should not work during his or her university course. I will also defend the referendum on the initiative of the people. I will also go to the National Library to find all the proposals buried after Emmanuel Macron’s Great Debates. Through a referendum on the initiative of the citizens, for example, we can remove elected officials who do not respect their promises. Ric will also allow the laws to be repealed. Power must be returned to the people.

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