Leetchi, Le Pot Commun, HelloAsso … What are the best online pots?

Your colleague Bernard has retired and you and your colleagues want to give him a nice souvenir? Your best friend has just given birth and you plan to offer her traditional baby clothes? Or do you want to create your association, but you don’t have the funds? The solution is on the Internet. To collect a sum of money together in a safe way, online kitty has become almost essential.

But with the variety of online pots you can use, it can be hard to choose. To make it easier for you, 20 minutes will make a comparison of the major online pots in the market.

Which kitty for which need?

Whether to raise funds to fund a gift, a company, or a solidarity project, Leetchi, CotizUp, OnParticipe, Papayoux are perfectly suited. “We are aimed at individuals, businesses and associations,” said Jean-Christophe Macé, co-founder of OnParticipe. The latter also explained that it is 100% Made In France. More specifically, “donations are made from France and stay in France”, which doesn’t happen on other online kitty sites, whose donations can come from abroad.

Le Pot Commun, on the other hand, recognizes having a “somewhat festive positioning”, according to its CEO Eliott Grunenwald. “We stopped the solidarity pot more than two years ago because we did not hold the approval of the Intermediary in Participatory Financing (IFP)”, he specified, which is required to accept “the pots related to appeals for donation to its platform “, according to the general conditions of use of the site. In contrast, HelloAsso is entirely intended for associations and allows users to fund a solidarity race, a humanitarian project or a charity event. “We do not apply the” all or nothing “approach, that is to say that even if a goal, for example 8,000 euros, is not reached, we still pay the amount collected to the bearer of the project”, assured Léa Thomassin, co -founder of HelloAsso.

How much is the commission?

“Facing a site that promises the creation of a free kitten, you need to be careful, because there are often bank transfer fees when you want to make a donation or withdraw the amount collected”, warns Raphaël Bartolomé, legal director at UFC -Que Choisir. In fact, these costs are on average about 3%. “We take 3.9% on each donation, but 0% on the pot collected,” said Jean-Christophe Macé (OnParticipe). Same principle for Papayoux, which takes 1.9% + 20 cents on donations, as well as for CotizUp, which takes 1.9% + 30 cents. If you choose a Leetchi kitty, keep in mind that 4% of the amount collected will be deducted by the site during the last bank transfer to recover it. “We have a level of 2,000 euros, an amount for which we only take 1.9%”, pointed out Alix Poulet, CEO of Leetchi. Same operation for Le Pot Commun.

Otherwise, you can also search for online pots that will not charge you any fees. They include Papayoux, CotizUp and HelloAsso. “When a user donates, we ask them if they would like to leave a contribution to help fund the site. One of the two people chooses to do this and leaves an average of 1.80 euros, ”explained Léa Thomassin. In addition, Lydia, which is mainly a mobile payment application, also allows you to create pools. It also does not charge any fees. Nevertheless, Raphaël Bartolome “advises to carefully read the general conditions of use, to find out about the fees that will apply and to favor sites established in France, to facilitate procedures in case of a dispute . “.

As for the ceilings, there is no limit to them with HelloAsso, Le Pot Commun, OnParticipe and CotizUp. At Papayoux, each donation is limited to 1,000 euros, and at Leetchi, the total amount collected cannot exceed 20,000 euros.

Accept the amount collected and spend it

To recover the money, there are many possibilities available to you. Note that before being allowed to do so, an identification document will be requested from the collection organizer, as well as a RIB in the same name. Once this step is completed, it is possible for you, especially with OnParticipe, Papayoux and CotizUp, to receive the total directly into your bank account by transferring from the site. Regarding HelloAsso, associations that can open kittens should “declare and publish in the Official Journal”, inform Léa Thomassin. The association then accepts the money directly into the bank account associated with it.

What’s more, some sites also offer to spend all or part of the amount collected on partner brands. This is the first of all the case for Leetchi, which has over 100 (Fnac, Wonderbox, La Redoute, etc.), even though “most of our users request to receive the sum via the traditional switch”, underlined Alix Poulet. Le Pot Commun also allows its users to spend the money collected on 109 partner brands, such as Relais & Châteaux, Printemps, Citadium, etc., or to pay the amount with a gift card valid on more than 500 brands , “which we can order for free”, according to Eliott Grunenwald.

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