Here’s what you need to know about rebates

Every year, Desjardins provides cash value to its members, whether they are individuals or businesses. It was part of the surplus finances made by the caisses and Desjardins Group which were redistributed in the form of rebate.

If you are a member of Desjardins, you may have already benefited from this rebate. In fact, 97% of the members of this financial cooperative will benefit from it this year.

If, however, the operational advantage of this Desjardins remains to be clarified and you want to better understand its activities, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the rebate.

How does the Desjardins rebate work?


The rebate is intended to recognize the overall business relationship between Desjardins and its members. The principle is simple: part of the surplus money generated by this financial cooperative is redistributed to members once a year if conditions permit.

The dividend is a symbolic return to thank the members for their participation in the cooperative. This is one of the things that sets Desjardins apart from other financial institutions.

How can I benefit from the discounts?

As a member of a caisse, you can receive the dividend. The amount of money you have or the value of your products does not affect your eligibility, but can affect the value of your rebate. This year, thanks to changes made by Desjardins, another 72,000 members will receive a dividend.

How to calculate the individual rebate?

The individual rebate consists of two parts: the volume rebate and the product rebate.

First, the volume discount is calculated according to your financial participation in your caisse. A personalized value is given according to a calculation based on premiums and average balance in each of the four families of this product throughout the year:

  • Accounts
  • Loans, lines and credit cards
  • Placements and investments
  • Insurance

For every $ 1,000, an amount will be added to your Volume Rebate. For credit cards, the calculation is made on net purchases made with your card throughout the year.

Members aged 30 and under are eligible if they have at least one product in three out of four families, such as tenants ’checking accounts, credit cards and home insurance (or investments).

For the Product Rebate, if you own at least one qualified product from each of the four product families listed above, you can receive up to $ 50 extra. A total of $ 387 million will be provided in individual patronage dividends in 2022 for the year 2021.

What is the community dividend?


This rebate aims to support local initiatives that improve the quality of life of communities. This year, $ 53 million will be given as community dividends.

Caisses across Quebec have donated an amount of money through their Community Development Fund to help communities launch new projects.

What kind of projects does this amount support?

For example, in 2021, Fonds d’aide au développement du milieu de la caisse in Drummondville participated in the buy local campaign Good buy in Drummondville by donating $ 50,000. A sum of money made it possible to support retail businesses, fitness centers and entertainment businesses at MRC thanks to enhanced purchase vouchers. This initiative promoted 107 participating merchants thanks to the commitment of partners.

When will the rebate be paid?

This year, the dividend will be distributed from May 30 to June 10, 2022 and most members should see it increase, as a total of $ 54 million more will be paid.

Find out more about the Desjardins rebate by consulting the website of the financial institution.

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