HelloWork.com: the platform that wants to make recruitment more transparent

LHe wants the HelloWork group to fix the recruitment codes, and it needs a major reorganization. So, in this month of May, many of its sites merged. Cadreo, ParisJob, RegionsJob and all its regional versions are now integrated into one platform: Hellowork.com. The group, based in Rennes, wants to make the job search experience easier. This is part of the innovations undertaken in recent years, where the group has tirelessly changed and continues to do so:

  • In the coming months, job offers will expand to give candidates more information about companies before applying.
  • Its algorithms have evolved, taking into account the profile of candidates in order to offer them job offers in accordance with their searches.
  • The user experiences of sites and applications want to adapt to new user habits.

HelloWork for more transparency in recruitment

However, the job search experience is still not optimal, estimates the HelloWork group, now the leading French digital player in employment, recruitment and training. The question, a transparency that is still lacking in many cases, leaves the candidate in anticipation, and alone in the face of his questions. Has his application been received? Has he been examined? Did he pass the first stage, before an interview? What is the process for this recruitment? What is the exact salary?

The HelloWork group wants to be part of those working for more transparency. “We want to further digitize the candidate experience and make it more seamless, so that it aligns with the customer experience to which everyone is now accustomed to their digital devices,” underlined François Leverger, CEO of HelloWork .

More transparency: what are the benefits for recruiters and candidates

For recruiters, more transparency means time savings and more qualified candidates. It is also better to guide the candidates. For former users of Cadreo (executive recruitment specialist), ParisJob, RegionsJob and its regional versions, such as OuestJob, or even PacaJob, the old functionality they used remains the same.

HelloWork: a growing group since it was created

Over the years, HelloWork, which belongs to the Telegram group, has grown in importance, thanks to external growth, and the technology investment strategy. Through its various solutions, it has become an important partner for workers throughout their professional lives, but also for companies, recruitment firms, ETTs (temporary employment companies), training centers and schools.

HelloWork in numbers: a major player in the job search

The group’s various platforms, led by Jérôme Armbruster, brought 5.7 million unique visitors in March 2021 (according to Médiamétrie // NetRatings – Mesure Internet Global).

As such, more than 400,000 offers are accessible each month to its more than 4 million monthly visitors.

Thanks to the group, more than 4,000 people are recruited every day.

In addition, every day 300 people start training.

It has 430 employees, and 100 new hires are planned for this year.

Continuing recruitment in the field of recruitment

Over the past three years, the group has acquired Diplomeo, Jobijoba and start-up Seekube, a specialist in virtual recruitment forums. A smart bet, as these three companies have seen their activities grow by +32% on average per year. The year 2022, meanwhile, has begun with the acquisition of Basile, a turnkey digital solution that optimizes recruitment through cooptation and internal mobility.

A job market in high demand

This is part of a very favorable context. The job market is particularly volatile, and there is even a shortage of candidates in many sectors. After the almost total closure of global activity in the spring of 2020, a real recovery was quickly felt. Although there was already some tension before the health crisis, companies began to catch up in 2020. This has continued throughout 2021, and to this day. The year therefore looks very promising for the new Hellowork.com platform and, in general, for the whole group.

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