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With the demolition of PS and LR, it was an old abandoned theater, the old -fashioned politics, that closed its doors. “This is the End”.

Silence, we sank. Silence, we are close. After the socialist elephants, these were the last dinosaurs of Republican rights to be liquidated from the electoral scene during the first round of the presidential election. And it’s all political biodiversity being reversed!

4.8% for one, Valérie Pécresse, and 1.8% for another, Anne Hidalgo, or 6.6% of the total votes for the two major political families that swapped power from 1958 to 2017… For Whom Bell Tolls? For the LR and the PS, the two main parties have structured political life over the decades. The end of a world. Almost ten years ago, in 2012, their two candidates, François Hollande (28.6%) and Nicolas Sarkozy (27.2%) together got almost 56%of the votes in the first round of the presidential election! How to explain such a collapse, so fast, so strong, so deep?

Expect the extermination of the Socialist Party. Anne Hidalgo remained calm on polls with between 2 and 3% of voting intentions throughout the campaign. The extent of Valérie Pécresse’s downfall is even more surprising … Approximately at 17% of voting intentions the day after her victory in the LR congress in early December, presented as Emmanuel Macron’s most formidable opponent, slowly but surely he retreated for months. As he spoke he backed away. Five years ago, Benoît Hamon followed much the same trajectory. The LR president of the Île-de France region was even lower than the socialist candidate in 2017, at 4.8% of the vote, less than the threshold of 5% of the votes needed to be paid for his campaign expenses. In 1995 as in 2002, Lutte Ouvrière’s Trotskyist candidate, Arlette Laguiller, did better…

So here is the LR and the PS both in the situation of financial bankruptcy and filing political bankruptcy.

“This is the End/Good friend/This is the end/My only friend, the end/Of our detailed plans, the end/In everything that stands, the end/No salvation or surprise, the end.”

No surprise, because, basically, the Socialist Party and the Republicans are no longer useful. Laminated, this crippled union is still overwhelming in the mockery of Emmanuel Macron, who has no other obsession but to repeat his rivalry on the far right. Pity rubbish …

After all, who is to blame? Who prevented the socialists from preparing and working to try to build a credible alternative government? Nothing but themselves. Since 2017, the PS has been the most relentless prosecutor in the balance of… François Hollande. No socialist has defended even the slightest extent of his five -year term. To listen to them, it’s a shame, a “betrayal” across the line …

So, how can we imagine that the voter who still wants to vote on the left in 2022 will turn to Anne Hidalgo? He prefers to choose Jean-Luc Mélenchon and that is pretty logical. For others, moderate reformists, social-liberals and heirs of Strauss-Kahnism, they rallied Emmanuel Macron in the position of Jean-Yves Le Drian, Richard Ferrand, François Rebsamen and a few others.

On the other hand, under the leadership of the evil genius Éric Ciotti, Valérie Pécresse worked to demonize, throughout her campaign, the outgoing head of state … who led economic and social policy within five years dreamed of liberal rights: the abolition of the ISF, labor market reform and unemployment benefits, or even the promise of postponing the legal retirement age to 65, how Valérie Pécresse hopes to convince the right -wing electorate that the author of such work is a horrible socialist? Emmanuel Macron occupied the space of a liberal, moderate and pro-European right for a long time, as understood by Édouard Philippe, Bruno Le Maire and Gérald Darmanin, before the others, followed by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Éric Woerth or Renaud Muselier and many more…

Deprived of space, ideas and leaders, the PS and the Republicans have no reason to exist. Far from postures and antics, it’s an old dusty political theater that draws the curtain. Left and right moderates are no longer able to deceive the voter by pretending to oppose a head of state who is pursuing a policy that suits them. The abandoned “old world” closes its doors. The “new” is less troubling, as the fractures seem to widen between three pillars – macronist, lepenist and rebel – who are all opposed, condemning alternatives to power to be more radical to try to hear.

Renaud Dely

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