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Welcome to the first Gen Z bear market

Until recently, the main experience of young people in the market was almost always rising stocks Read more

The Dow and S&P 500 are likely to crash into a bear market, but your portfolio doesn’t have to sink into them.

Most investors – including many fund managers – have never experienced the destructive nature of a bear market. Read more

This Wall Street legend has gone through every bear market since the 1950s. He said whoever is next could reach the S&P 500 with a 30% loss

Bob Farrell’s 10 “Market Rules to Remember” are timeless tools for dealing with market volatility Read More

Stocks are falling fast, but that doesn’t mean the worst is about to end

Bear markets that start with big losses in their first four months last almost as long as those that don’t. Read more

The S&P 500 charts point to more losses in the stock market

Watch support at 3900 and then 3700 in the S&P 500. Read More

How to Find the Best Stocks in a Bad Market Using This Proven Dividend Yield Strategy

Just focus on blue chip stocks that have strong enough finances to continue to pay dividends when it comes to hell or high water. Read more

These 4 funds are the winners of 2022 – they use a strategy like a hedge fund to reduce risk

Managed funds invest in futures on all asset classes and sometimes bet on falling stocks. Read more

When is it safe to start buying stocks again? We don’t have it yet, but here are the six signs to look for

Severe negativity is only one indicator. Six market professionals explain what they are monitoring. Read more

12 stocks to consider for the next part of the bull market

These companies are generally unrelated to indices, giving investors the opportunity to outperform. Read more

Oil prices are rising – these eight stocks are always bargains for long -term investors

Many oil and gas companies are still trading at low prices in relation to expected profits. And low spending on new oil wells will support high energy prices for years to come. Read more

Stay calm – there is no recession on the way. These 13 Stocks May Rise As Investors Find Out

The economy is strong because consumers and businesses are doing well. Read more

The beginning of the end of the stock market correction may be near

Here’s what market-timing investors are looking for to be bullish. Read more

Berkshire’s major shareholders could ruin Buffett’s legacy and everything that drives the company

The powerful shareholders of the institution do not care about the qualities that made Berkshire Hathaway what it is today. Read more

The collapse of the so -called “stablecoin” called terra shows the immediate need for regulation to protect consumers

The ground race will test both the stability of this particular stablecoin and, more broadly, whether the entire crypto sector has a future. Read more

“Climate” is the new buzzword in a series of new ESG funds just launched

The financial industry is moving around climate change as an investment theme. Read more

These 3 tough questions about the CEO of a company can help investors see the opportunities others are missing out on.

A CEO who makes only one or two bold moves more than doubles the likelihood of a company moving from average to the top 20% in financial performance. Read more

The United States will have more people by 2100, not Russia and China. Why this is important for your stock portfolio today

To thrive, economies need a growing supply of workers and consumers. Read more

When financial advisors ask you what your first memory of money is, help them figure out the truth.

Childhood experiences with money tend to continue into old age. Read more

“Real power is the ability to control yourself.” Actor and businessman Terry Crews reveals his secrets to being tough and powerful at work and at home

Essential life lessons for work and for advancing your career. Read more

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