at 54, he chooses himself and life

Pierre Palmade’s life was not always easy. The comedian faced the effects of fame at a young age. Moreover, he long fought his homosexuality, before finally finding peace and proper balance.

You can’t make everyone happy. The most important thing in life is to be proud of yourself and accept yourself as you are. Some people will say that is easier said than done, and that is even more true when it comes to celebrities; Pierre Pelmade is the perfect example.

The comedian can be called an early celebrity. At the age of only 20, he entered the court of the greatest. He enjoyed fame and wealth. Unfortunately, he is not (yet) ready to face such pressure. He had to find tricks to successfully manage this period of his life.

On an intimate level, Pierre Palmade has resisted his homosexuality for a long time. He did not hesitate to discuss it in the media, and it reaped severe criticism from him.

He immersed himself in alcohol and drugs, hoping he would find comfort there, but to no avail. He had an affair with their woman. On June 11, 1995, he married Véronique Sanson despite their age difference (19 years). They lived 6 years of happiness, but Pierre and Véronique separated in 2001.

Over time, he accepted himself as he was, and this allowed him to find the right balance in his life. He was now at peace with himself, and he only wanted one thing: to move forward. Focus on the life and struggles of Pierre Palmade.

Comedian Pierre Palmade. І Source: Getty Images


Pierre Palmade became famous early on, at the age of 20. He owes it primarily to his immense talent as well as to his cheerful and friendly character. He was very popular with the public and with his peers. Unfortunately for him, he had some difficulties dealing with all this pressure at this young age:

“Famous at 20, violent. Maybe I should have waited a few more years for me to be pretty balanced (…) All of a sudden. I just wanted to go up on stage every night and add to that the fame on television, in money”,

he explained.

Years passed and the actor was able to retreat from his experience.

Actor Pierre Palmade. І Source: Getty Images

The comedian has long fought against his homosexuality, and he immersed himself in alcohol and drugs hoping to find safety there:

“A very clean comedian to him during the day, at night, I went to gay clubs without realizing I was addicted to cocaine. I thought it was a drug, when it was a poison”,

he admitted.

French actor Pierre Palmade walks with his partner as he leaves the Paris courthouse in Paris on June 6, 2019. І Source: Getty Images

He fought his homosexuality for a long time, and it was not easy to tolerate:

“I said, I said, and the gay community fell for me, ‘I’m sad to be gay’ in this society, with these religions, I’m sad to be gay” (…) If I had the choice, I would have chosen the straight, more livable. I don’t know anyone that at the age of 15, when they feel like they’re gay, thinking ‘well, my life will be good’ ”.

And it’s not over yet, as the comedian didn’t hide his sadness associated with his sexual orientation:

“I don’t like my homosexuality, I’m really sad (…) Before, I was angry, now I’m just sad to be gay. But too bad … I found myself made for women, for men.. Make me laugh. them, protect them “.

Comedian Muriel Robin and actors Pierre Palmade and Michelle Laroque at the premiere of her show “They love each other”, December 9, 1996. І Source: Getty Images

He has to fight all these battles at a relatively young age.


To try to overcome his homosexuality, Pierre Palmade had an affair with several women. In 1995, he married Véronique Sanson. Alas, this union has provoked a lot of ridicule and questioning. The comedian is used to such reactions, but he worries about his wife:

“It hurts me for Véronique. I used to be jealous since kindergarten. But I was hurt for Véronique, because her private life is good. I feel like I’ve damaged her image. But I’m happy for her,”

he said.

Comedians Pierre Palmade and Véronique Sanson. І Source: Getty Images

After 6 years of happiness, unfortunately they separated


Years passed and a lot happened in the comedian’s life. The hardship he endured helped him to accept himself as he was. What he sees in life is different now.

In April 2019, he confessed to Parisian:

“At age 50, I want to live peacefully, in my job and in my private life, to turn the page of a certain intense, very intense, very violent life with alcohol and drug problems that I fix it. . “

Actor Pierre Palmade. І Source: Getty Images

Three years later, his way of thinking has not changed. She is quieter now in her heart and she lives more peacefully than in the past. He thinks of himself as he is and that’s the most important thing: to be happy with his personality.

Pierre Palmade is more fulfilled in his life, as evidenced by his participation in the program “Mask Singer” on TF1. Disguised as a cosmonaut, he was finally opened by a jury consisting of Jarry, Alessandra Sublet, Key Adam and Anggun.

It was a long way, but the comedian ended up on his own and accepted himself as he was.

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