7 smart tools to build your Internet business

France ranks 16th among European countries in terms of digital economy. Our companies are lagging behind our neighbors. Only two thirds of French SMEs (10 employees or more) have a website compared to more than three quarters in the rest of the Union! For VSEs (companies with less than 10 employees), the proportion drops to 32%… Our selection of digital marketing tools can help you get started in e-commerce in a few clicks . The latter is better than the latter.

Small business – Online visibility from 9 euros/month

Petitscommerces is a platform intended for independent merchants in the city center without a site. For 9 euros per month, it offers them a Web page with text written by a professional, photos (about ten, taken by a professional), an access plan and the postal and contacts to phone of their store. In other words, the lowest visibility on the Internet. By typing its name and city into Google, a business registered on the platform appears in the very first search engine result. And if you search only by activity and city name, the Petitscommerces site, which benefits from good identification, will appear on the first page of results. Today, the platform brings together 250 artisans, mainly in Paris.
Optional. For 20 euros more per month, training in digital and digital communication. And for an additional 40 euros, a click & collect service (where the site does not charge a commission).

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Simplébo – A website for 39.90 euros/month

Don’t have the necessary skills to create a website? This “simple and beautiful” tool will make you almost a pro! You answer 40 questions about your activity, your achievements, your prices … and Simplébo’s artificial intelligence generates a site that includes text and images (if you don’t, it will find some), compatible with smartphones and tablets, on responsive design. You can then modify this first version (or modify it by start-up teams), which is designed to be very well-referenced on Google.
Optional. For another 30 euros per month, you get a professional email and access to your traffic statistics.

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CD ConnecT – Enrich your customer’s file at 19.90 euros/month

In bars and restaurants (but not only), offering free Internet access has become almost essential. CD Connect proposes to install, in the WiFi box of the establishment, a small thanks box in which consumers connect to the network via their e-mail or their Facebook account. No need to enter a username or password. In return, the application saves the e-mail or Facebook information (gender, age, place of residence, etc.) and transfers it to the merchant’s computer … enriching his customer’s file. He can control his communication by sending targeted promotions.
Optional. For another 15 euros per month, CM Connect organizes email campaigns and updates the app’s home page displayed on users ’smartphones.

Amazon – Large e -commerce for 39 euros/month

Who says online commerce says Amazon. For 39 euros per month (plus a 15% commission on sales made), the American e-commerce giant (30 million unique visitors per month in France, 250 million referred items) made offering artisans and small traders to sell their products. Be careful, there is no question about waiting customers: you need to be very reactive and commit to deadlines and available stock. Thanks to this formula, Christian Aubin, director of the Neveu paper mill in Le Havre, has tripled his company’s turnover in seven years. It ranged from 300,000 to 900,000 euros, two-thirds of which were made on Amazon (with 200 to 300 orders per day). The only downside: Amazon keeps track of your customers ’electronic and banking data.
The alternative. Other market giants, such as Fnac and CDiscount, are opening up their services to independents. Play competition!

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Facebook-Targeted advertising for a few tens of euros

If you already have a website and Facebook account, you still need to discover the social media champion advertising targeting tool. In Ads Manager, go to Create Audience. Enter your selection criteria (customer interests, gender, age, profession, location, etc.) and, in a few minutes, Facebook offers you an estimate of the number of Internet users that match the criteria. ito. You can choose to target them all or just hit a portion of them by spending 20 or 50 euros, for example. Facebook will then send your ad to people who match the profile, in the order of their network connection. When the configured budget is reached, the campaign stops. “At the launch of the site, we spent 300 euros on Facebook Ads. In two months, we sold 3,000 boxes of eggs,” said Sébastien Neusch, co-founder of Poulehouse (selling eggs on the Internet). Plan great visuals (video is the most effective format) and avoid simple promotional texts like “-5% off our t-shirts”. Warning: the tool is highly addictive. “Campaigns are easy to configure, warns a user. We are tempted to put one in place every day! ”

Vaaden – A video strategy for 5,000 euros

If you have a website and use social networks, you need clips to enrich your content. Vaaden’s agency has developed real-world video techniques, from initial storytelling to editing (two- or three-minute corporate films, ten-second teasers for Instagram, etc.), including production that adapted to smartphones (vertical format, subtitling, etc.). “You have to decide from the beginning which media to air them, underlined Mickaël de Backer, the agency’s president, according to the company’s target audience.”
Attention. There is a big difference in prices. “If the graphic charter was already created, Mickaël de Backer defined, they would be less than if you had to create everything.”

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Hootsuite – All networks at a cost of 25 euros/month

Once you’re used to social networks, this dashboard that lets you manage all of your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts from one screen won’t be a luxury. All you have to do is get a subscription to combine all your feeds into one page. You can also create publications, schedule them a few weeks in advance and view all messages and comments received. Try the free version first, valid for three networks. You can judge for yourself how much time Hootsuite saves you.
Optional. Buffer, AgoraPulse … There are other dashboards. All offer a one month free trial.

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