UFOs, apparitions that have been observed for a long time and almost anywhere in the world

An imaginary phenomenon?

This puts Roswell on the map, as they say. We have people from all over the world. »

A quote from Sylvie Nelson, citizen of Roswell, 1997

The possibility of explorers from other planets visiting Earth has been part of the popular imagination for decades, if not centuries.

In 1947 in Roswell, in the US state of New Mexico, an incident is said to have taken place that still explodes in the imagination of many people.

Telejournal, July 5, 1997

This was shown in the report by journalist Réal D’Amours broadcast on Newscast July 5, 1997, hosted by Solveig Miller.

This report reports on a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of the “Roswell affair”.

What are we really talking about?

In July 1947, on a ranch, metal remains were found. These are not ordinary fragments.

In 1980, a soldier who was responsible for their recovery told the tabloid newspaper National Enquirer that these debris came from an alien spacecraft.

The U.S. military even reported foreign corpses from the remains and made it a state secret afterwards.

Journalist Réal D’Amours observes that the so-called “Roswell affair” has become a very public and profitable popular culture phenomenon.

A festival organizer and a resident of Roswell is pleased with the economic benefits that tourists will bring to the city.

During this festival, guided tours are offered at a cost of $ 15 per person to the supposed UFO crash site.

There is no conclusive evidence that a spacecraft disbanded in 1947 in the New Mexico desert.

As Réal D’Amours said in the conclusion, “the skeptics are still not confused”.

However, some observations are surprising

It will be easy to eliminate the presence of UFOs. Many sightings can be explained by science.

However, some testimonials are surprising.

Téléjournal/Le Point, February 17, 2000

In a report presented to Telejournal/Le Point on February 17, 2000, Radio-Canada correspondent in Beijing, Raymond Saint-Pierre, taught us that in China, the study of UFOs is taken seriously by the government.

The person in charge of the Chinese association for the study of UFOs even told Raymond Saint-Pierre that a third of the reports made in China are credible.

These observations were made by professional aviators or scientists. These people know the difference between a normal phenomenon and an unusual encounter with an extraterrestrial object, the official said.

In January 2000, two objects in the Shanghai sky caused a stir among the population.

The existence of these objects, seen by many witnesses, has even been commented on by the official news bulletin in China.

There are between 1,000 and 1,200 investigation reports here. These are all cases being investigated on the ground. »

A quote from Lucien Clerebaut, President of the Belgian Society for Spatial Phenomena (SOBEPS), 1992

Le Point, October 14, 1992

A report by journalist Gilles Gougeon featured on the show ang Punto of October 14, 1992 reminds us that on November 29, 1989, at least 125 cases of observations of the presence of UFOs were recorded in a limited territory of Belgium.

This is the beginning of the so -called “Belgian wave”, which will last a year and a half.

At the time, there were so many deposits that the Belgian Minister of Defense at the time, Guy Coëme, asked the national army to cooperate with SOBEPS.

It must be said that on the night of March 30 to 31, 1990, two pilots of a Belgian military aircraft witnessed an incident that shocked one.

Two F-16s were sent to observe an unknown object in the sky seen by several people.

The devices have no visual contact with the UFO.

However, examining the video tapes from their radar reveals incredible information.

The echo will draw an unknown flying object capable of dazzling accelerations and decelerations.

Later, an image of the unknown object in question was made: triangular in shape, it had lights on each side.

The Belgian army confirms that it is not a plane and we do not understand how fast this thing is moving.

Mystery also in Canada

Le Point, October 23, 1990

On October 23, 1990, journalist Gabriel Durocher appeared on the show Punto a report on strange circles discovered in fields in Manitoba.

Punto was hosted by Madeleine Poulin that day.

It was 35 kilometers north of Winnipeg, near the village of Petersfield, that farmer Joe Janish found a circle 20 meters wide in which his wheat had been partially crushed.

Joe Janish doesn’t understand.

The only visible trace of activity was left by the deer.

Joe Janish is convinced that the deer did not draw this circle …

A neighbor, for his part, said he saw something with four lights floating in the fields around five in the morning.

He also saw no trace of human activity.

Sixteen such circles have been identified in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

A researcher who has been examining this phenomenon since 1989 believes that intelligent beings are responsible for it, especially since these circles form an almost perfect triangle around the city of Winnipeg.

In 2021, the U.S. military confirmed that its pilots continue to see unknown flying objects of unexplained origin.

Visits from extraterrestrials or demonstrations of top secret technology from a military power on Earth? No one knows.

There will also be more than 1000 sightings of unknown flying objects in Canada each year.

Last year, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan was reportedly stressed on this issue by the Canadian Armed Forces.

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