The cloud, the accelerator of your digital transformation

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Companies have no choice: their survival now depends on their digitization. For several years now, most decision makers have understood this and initiated the digital transformation that is essential to their company’s competitiveness. Many companies are beginning to incorporate new technologies into their activities and organizations, thus gaining responsiveness and performance. For Cellenza, this digital transformation must go through the Cloud: for 10 years, the IT consulting firm has supported companies of all sizes and from all sectors on their digitalization issues around the Azure Cloud .

The digital revolution is a reality », explained Arnaud Hego, President of Cellenza. ” We see this every day with our customers: everything has undergone a real transformation and is structured with increasingly innovative tools. With the COVID-19 crisis, awareness accelerated: companies understood that the Cloud had become essential to have flexibility, agility and enable change. Today, they need to put a real digital approach, to accompany the development of high-quality technological solutions and their use in the long run. This is why at Cellenza, we have designed offers specifically tailored to these needs, around Microsoft technologies of which we are a privileged partner ”.

Develop a solid digital strategy

Faced with an ever -fast technological world, companies must hope to remain competitive against their competitors. To adapt to rapid technological change and meet the challenges of the Cloud or the data explosion, having the vision and implementing a truly lasting change process is now essential. In 2021, to meet the growing demand from its customers, Cellenza created Digital Advisory, its IT strategy consulting unit. His role? Support companies wishing to use IT as a lever for growth.

Cellenza’s Digital Advisors advise decision makers and CIOs to identify key strategic axes, set achievable results and plan resources to invest. They bring real added value to take advantage of the richness of the technological universe and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest IT innovations, elements often overlooked by companies and yet makes all the difference.

Develop innovative technology solutions

Once their digital strategy is established, companies must put in place long -term IT infrastructure, programs and services. The Build phase of a development project is a real investment and should be done according to the rules of art.. Cellenza chose to put the best market experts at the service of the companies to guarantee the construction and development of innovative solutions to be delivered solutions to very strategic issues. We operate around our three areas of expertise: Cloud, Data/IA and Dev/DevOps.

Beyond cost optimization and operational efficiencythe Cloud is a business accelerator by changing and creating the value it does. But moving to the Cloud requires reflection and strategy, to ensure maximum efficiency and project success: this is why we support our customers in their move to the Cloud and in implementing secure Cloud platforms that meets their needs. availability and performance issues.

The data is considered “new black gold” : Companies must learn to master this data explosion and use it to turn performance assets. Better customer knowledge, increased productivity, easier decision making: data appreciation has become a strategic element and can no longer be set aside. To improve the competitive and economic performance of its customers, Cellenza supports them in setting up reliable, secure and industrialized data platforms that form the basis of new use cases in the future, and in understanding data to boost team productivity. . Through our Smart Business offerings, we use artificial intelligence to automate low-cost tasks and facilitate data collection: very innovative, these new technologies limit the risk of error, reducing errors. cost and allows teams to focus on high -value tasks.

Finally, Cellenza consultants work on the topics of Dev/DevOps, by implementing Cloud platforms and factory software adapted to classic and Cloud projects. As part of Mobile Factory, we also develop web and mobile applications designed to accommodate innovation.

More than just maintaining your solutions in operational condition

Companies have a growing need for services to ensure the scalability and scalability of Cloud-hosted infrastructures and applications. However, the Run stage of a development project is not valued in its entirety, even though it is important to create value and accelerate digital change.

Based on this belief that Run is a vector of innovationCellenza joined forces to create Squadra to offer services to companies that go beyond maintaining Microsoft Azure environments in operational condition, and to fully take advantage of their potential for creating business value .

We want to have in Run a level requirement equal to what we put in Build “, specified the president of Cellenza. ” Our ambition is to provide companies with ahead of innovation solutions that span the entire value chain. With this total excellence of technologies with a level of expertise at the highest level of the art, companies are assured of being on top of innovation and remaining more competitive. “

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