Catherine Jacob: “We all have thread on our feet!”

A knock before going on stage?
Little by little. Before, I had a ritual, I told myself things. Now I don’t care. On the other hand, I want to be in the theater before the curtain rises. To take care of my little skin, my little thing, etc. I get distracted, I relax.

Happy to be back on the boards after this pandemic?
First of all, I’m happy to find the team Threaded on the leg at the direction of the director of Christophe Lidon, though with a slight change in the cast. I feel great on this team. I remain attached to this collegial spirit, I cannot work lock up in my corner.

You camp the baroness Duverger, whose daughter is coveted by a man who must by all means remove an intrusive lady.
I really like Feydeau’s universe. Beyond closing doors, antics and other infidelity, there is a money theme that comes up regularly. The future son -in -law was interested in the baroness only for pecuniary reasons. Feydeau is a relatively simple history of mankind. Money remains the roots of the war. In Feydeau, there is a lot of romance, but naughty romance, not nunuche.

When he entered politics

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“No money, no happiness … excuse me!”

Do you want to be a baroness?
I know, perhaps, the roles, the interests by a role. But these are people who are padlocked into a universe. This is a permanent lie. We talk to each other over the codes, as the film shows very well The age of innocence by Martin Scorsese. I want to play this type of role, without having to include it at the first level. To be a real baroness? Yes … but there is a total break. This freedom, in Feydeau’s time, was only possible on the condition of being a widow with a lot of money.

Money can not buy happiness !
Yes, but it helps a lot. No money, no happiness, sorry! For Feydeau, love is good, but money is bought by happiness. It is still relevant.

The piece was moved in the 1950s, in a very Billy Wilder atmosphere 7 years of meditation*. Is this the time you want?
What I prefer is not to wear a corset. There, the garments are even more tricky: the little trapeze coat suits me. The writing does not change. And it’s so delicious in clothes that, thanks to Chanel, have exploded and are more comfortable to wear.

Go back to the cult series tomorrow is ours, in TF1. What do you value in the role of Brigitte Daunier?
First was discovering another way of working that I didn’t know about. It was a bit confusing at first, because we didn’t have texts long before shooting that were pretty fast. But we adapt, I refuse to have an attitude that is too academic. I kind of react to the text, while respecting the authors. The role of partners is important because it allows you to practice by repeating in the Italian style. That is, play the text flat. Here the connection with the partner is important.

Show – Presentation of the 2016-2017 season – CADO – Catherine JACOB Theater – Christophe Lidon and Corinne Touzet, in Cado, in Orléans. Archives The Republic Center.

“Me, what I like is acting. Finding nuances in the role while having the time to be able to work”

Is television a medium you particularly like?
As interesting as a cinema or theater. Me, I want to play. Find nuances in the role by having time to work.

By the way, are you a couch potato?
I often watch news programs. Enough debates. Ukraine scares me.

What is your downfall when it comes to relaxation?
Take a walk. But I haven’t run away from my thoughts until now. When I go for a walk, I think a lot. Sometimes I even talk to myself.

You don’t brag about your private life in gossip magazines. Out of modesty or for not mixing genre?
I don’t read that kind of literature. I want to show myself there. And no one asks me my opinion on my life. Anyway, it will always be niet. I’m not even on social media. I do my job. that’s all! Catherine Jacob and Bernard Alane for L’impresario de Smyrne.

“You can be pompous, yes, but keep a child’s soul for the rest of your life … it’s ridiculous.”

You are not the type to have thread on your foot. Rather independent woman, liberated woman?
I believe that, in our lives, we all have a thread in our leg. Seems like a daily booster shot. We all have something inside of us that prevents us from being completely free. Inevitably we will all be together, even if everyone is at home. This wire on the foot, I see it as a vigil. I didn’t love my childhood very much.

Nothing serious?
I experienced nothing interesting. I’m a little disgusted with these people crying while talking about a child’s soul. It annoys me too much. What does that mean ? You can be imaginative, of course, but keep a child’s soul throughout your life … it’s ridiculous. It’s more interesting for me to be an adult than to stay in this “cucuterie”.

How do you look at kids?
I love them, they are wonderful. But I didn’t like being a kid.

What will be your role in life?
I do not know. What interests me is taking examples from artists like Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Shirley Mac Laine.
Is an actor the origin of your career?
Puno. When I was a kid, I was allowed to watch a film club on television. Woman or man, I loved them all.

*Film by Billy Wilder (1955) with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell.

A string attached. At the Hébertot Theater, at 78 bis boulevard des Batignolles in Paris (17th arrondissement). Directed by Christophe Lidon. Includes Catherine Jacob, Jean-Pierre Michaël, Noémie Elbaz, … Price: € 15 and € 48.; Tuesday through Saturday, 9 p.m. Sunday at 3 p.m.

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