C2 Montréal: from far or near, nothing prevents change

After a particularly difficult year and a half for industry events, the pandemic storm is finally giving way to sunshine. While it is possible to return to complete normalcy, agility remains a key skill of event organizers. Hybrid, face-to-face, virtual? What formula should be favored when the vaccination passport and the less shy meeting permission come into play? We discuss the methodology adopted by the next edition of C2 Montrealan event recognized worldwide for its innovative environment and overflowing creativity.

Changing and putting creative thoughts from here and elsewhere, that’s kind of the baseline of C2 MTL since it was created in 2012. That’s good because during this pandemic, the event has had to use imagination and reactivity to rethink its formula and survive the crisis. “We tried to present an edition of C2 Montreal fully digital and full of innovative and engaging content. Thousands of attendees, from more than 35 different industries, attended the talks and activities, which consumed an average of more than 9 hours of content over the duration of the event. We also counted over 240,000 interactions on our digital platform, showing that we have really succeeded in connecting the community together ”, he rejoiced. Patricia Larivierehead of public relations C2 Montreal.

In hybrid mode
In fact, looking at these numbers, we can certainly qualify the event as a success. On the strength of this experience gained in its distant edition, C2 this time we bet on a hybrid approach – but still putting the virtual component in the spotlight – to bring back the complete experience to the participants, from October 19 to 21. “This year, we worked tirelessly to create new online experiences. The result is an exciting digital event platform called C2Agora. It is a portal that gives you access to all online activities C2 Montreal. In addition to livestreamed sessions, participants will have access to breakout rooms, a contact list, a workshop registration platform and the video-on-demand service, in case they miss a conference or activity, “explanation Patricia Lariviere.

Until it was installed in the South-West of Montreal, C2 this year TOHU was chosen to welcome participants who will present themselves in person. The event called “C2 Signature Experiences” will include dialogues with various specialists in an environment inspired by a neighborhood café, lightning coaching sessions for 30 minutes or even a “pitous Mira space” where to relax in the company of adorable puppies!

Criticized by some, but adopted by many during incarceration, online networking still seems relevant. C2 pushed the experience even further for those who prefer to meet new professional contacts and connect with event actors from the comfort of their own home. “The new edition offers new networking features such as networking functions powered by keywords of expertise and fields of interest, chat (like texting, but better), planning sessions of business meetings, surveys and tools to ask questions directly to speakers. It gives participants the opportunity to interact with conferences and master classes, “said Patricia Larivière.

The real return
For the PR manager and the team C2, this hybrid formula is optimal because it allows for greater international participation, while maintaining the experience and technological environment that has driven the event’s reputation since it was created. “International travel has not yet fully returned to normal so it allows us to have access to top speakers online, while allowing attendees to meet in person.»

The publicist also tells us that this new edition, which includes physical participation, marks the return of the artistic side of C2. “All in-person spaces will host a wide range of artistic talent. Among other things, there will be musical performances and visual exhibitions.»

Shadow on the board of the gradual return to face-to-face, the COVID-19, which unfortunately has not yet acquired the status of a distant memory. This remains a reality with which the event must be addressed, and due to current health restrictions and their ongoing evolution, face-to-face access to the event will be limited to 1,000 people per day.

A compelling theme
In each edition of it, C2 offers an inspiring theme that helps direct the topics of conferences and selection of speakers, in addition to giving the event its atmosphere. This year, C2 featured the extraordinary situation in which the event industry – and the entire planet – had to (and still need) to reconcile. “The theme of C2 Montreal 2021 is (Re). It perfectly describes the historic moment we are currently experiencing, the publicist said. It’s time to (Re) connect, (Re) unite, (Re) think, (Re) think and (Re) change. This is also the time to ask more specific questions: What do you really need right now? To reinspire you and regain energy? To redefine and renew your vision? How can you reconnect with what is most relevant today, now that the world has changed? This year on C2, we will help you find your way to those answers. »

Towards a new model?
With the increasing popularity of virtual and hybrid events and the evolution of digital expertise, will we witness a remodeling of the industry? Will in-person dates be less popular?

“Here’s the virtual to stay, and we’ll favor the hybrid model for the future. The pandemic really allows us to build our online participant experience on the new Agora platform. As part of our 10th anniversary, launches we are also a new initiative designed to celebrate, lift and grow an influential community of young, creative entrepreneurs.This year, and in the years to come, we will open our doors, eliminate access challenges and welcome the next generation of business leaders to C2 Montreal», End Patricia Lariviere .

In this good program, management C2to re-energize us! From far and near, there is certainly no danger of being stifled.

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