“We decided to be a modern family” – Mélissa Bédard

Mélissa Bedard and her husband, karl fortier, have formed an exemplary mixed family since the latter decided to take care of the house and the children while she multiplied her professional projects. An opportunity that allows him to accept all sorts of commands, including the animation of a new program, Happy storage, at Casa.

If Mélissa Bédard can have fun professionally by handling all sorts of things, it’s because she knows her loved ones are safe at home. Like many people, the pandemic nevertheless disrupted the tribal organization. “When the schools closed, it was chaos. We have six children at home: five are studying online and the youngest is no longer daycare.

Karl was happy to take a break from work to be with his sons and daughters.

But in the end the couple decided to keep this organization working properly. “We decided to be a modern family. Dad was at home and mom was working: it was a structure that we saw more and that made sense as if the roles were reversed.

It was a choice we made together. I have an extraordinary lover: thanks to him, our family lives a good balance! When I go into work, because she is there, it takes away all the anxiety I would experience if I had to manage a nanny or a babysitter. Especially since we realized that it was impossible to ask Grandma to take care of; he doesn’t know how Wi-Fi works at home. ” Children also benefit from another family change, as they do not do the same activities with dad as they do with mom. “Karl is sporty, while I am not. But there’s a good balance to all of that, and I’m still often at home.

More importantly, this structure allows Mélissa to do the things that fascinate her. “I choose the things that make me grow. I’m not doing any project for money. I choose according to what it brings me inside and what it allows me to learn. I also really want to make people happy and bring them to the light. “

In her new show at CASA, Happy Storage, she visits artists to help them restore order to a room in their home, with Mylène Houle Morency, a storage and organization specialist. . “Most people think they’re clean, but storage is designed in Mylène’s way to go further. It’s a system that aims to help with daily life, so that everyone is easy to organize and store.For example, the contents of almost all the bathroom cabinets are placed elsewhere.Mylène will show us that if we put all the bath utensils in one basket, in the closet near the bath, more it’s easy to access. We take out the basket when bathing, and then we put it back in the wardrobe. We don’t have to look for anything, and it’s easy to replace. “

The new “Marie Kondo” from Quebec admits that this method of storage still takes time. “We’re talking about an average of 40 to 42 hours of work for a kitchen, for example. On the show, we showed that it’s better to start with smaller areas in the house to get used to arranging things before dealing. in larger spaces.

In addition to this new show, we’ll see Mélissa in the new season of Squad 99, on TVA, where she portrays Guy Jodoin’s blonde character. She has just started filming a new documentary series for the Vrai platform, where she is going to get to know ordinary mothers who live an extraordinary daily life. He has also continued his tour of shows in Quebec and he is also preparing some surprises to be announced later.

The Happy Storage program is shown every Tuesday

at 8:30 pm at CASA. The second season of Escouade 99 will air every Tuesday at 7:30 pm on TVA. For all the singer’s show dates, go to melissabedard.com.

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