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One of the pioneers of video games in Quebec, the Beenox studio, is experiencing tremendous growth that it will open a branch in Montreal.

Posted on March 29th

Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh
The Press

Announced on Tuesday, this studio already has approximately fifty employees hired in the metropolitan area. Beenox has a total of 400 employees, including 150 recruited last year. Like its big brother, the Montreal studio will first be headed by studio director Nour Polloni. This is Activision’s first foray into, through its subsidiary, the Montreal region. Activision is one of the last video game leaders out of the metropolis.


Nour Polloni, studio director

He will devote himself, “but not exclusively”, to developing the game call of dutyindicates in an interview Mako Polloni. “We have several big projects,” she adds, mysteriously.

At a time when studios are more reliant on telecommuting and when the return to the office is gradually being done, the studio director considers it important to offer an inspiring meeting place for his teams. “I want to offer this flexibility to be able to meet somewhere. There’s, when we’re together, this part of the unexpected, being able to brainstorm. There’s the magic of discussion, the liveliness in reactions that’s harder to do in teleworking. »

The exact location of the studio opening has not yet been determined. We want a place that is “accessible, somewhere with a good dynamic, where people want to meet”, says Mako Polloni. Beenox is currently recruiting for programming, design, and art department positions, as well as on the mobile team.

Three values

Founded in 2000 by Dominique Brown, who in 2005 became a subsidiary of Activision bought in January by Microsoft for 68.7 billion, Beenox has essentially dedicated itself since 2011 to two franchises: Spiderman at call of duty, on console and mobile. The studio stands out from the video game industry in at least one aspect: it has always favored hiring French speakers in Quebec, France and Belgium. “For us, it’s happening in French, and the others have to adapt. It’s a reality that we present before hiring “, explained The Press Thomas Wilson, co-director of the studio, in December 2020.

Without advancing in this aspect, Mr.ako Polloni explained that the Montreal team will “have its own culture”. “Our goal is for us to share the same values, our three core values ​​of team spirit, efficiency and balance.»

Beenox’s DNA, he says, “is the deep respect for the franchises” in which the studio operates. Its 22-year existence also gives it a wide variety of technical expertise in a variety of styles, from fantasy to realism, while maintaining ongoing engagement with the gaming community.

This Beenox expansion project, the cost of which was not disclosed, was carried out with the support of Montreal International and Investissement Quebec International, it said in a press release.

By choosing Greater Montreal to pursue the development of its successful franchise, Beenox demonstrates that the region is positioning itself as an important center of creativity for both foreign investors and skilled workers who want to advance their careers.

Stéphane Paquet, CEO of Montreal International

“By continuing its expansion on Quebec soil, Beenox confirms the attractiveness of our technological ecosystem,” said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International.

With this second Beenox studio, Microsoft now has four branches in Quebec, following the acquisitions of Bethesda studio and independent studio Compulsion Games in 2018.

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