Unpaid trainee teachers in Rouen: money arrives but “trust is broken”

Students from Inspé Rouen who have been waiting since January 2022 for Normandy Academy to pay for their internship, received their bonuses in early May. (© AdobeStock/Illustration)

In mid -April, 76news reported that hundreds of students were enrolled inNational Higher Institute of Teaching and Education (Inspé) of Rouen – school that trains future teachers in kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school – several months of waiting for the payment of bonuses related to their internship at school.

“Designed to allow a progressive professional situation” according to Inspé, this course allows student teachers to observe and give lessons one and a half days a week, under responsibility of a tutor teacher.

“We should have received 125 euros per month from mid -November. In total, that represents 700 euros per person, ”Jean Huard testified.

This student in the first year of a master’s degree in teaching, education and training (Meef) warns of “a relatively critical situation” for some of his colleagues, where this 125 euros represents “ more than [leur] monthly food budget. To meet their needs, [beaucoup sont] forced to take a job in conjunction with education even if it means “missing class”, he added.

Paid after a report in France 2

The situation of these aspiring teachers became the subject of a report aired at 8 p.m. France 2, Monday, May 9:

Contacted again 76news On Wednesday, May 11, Jean joked:

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It miraculously unblocked the morning after the report was broadcast.

John HuardStudent at the National Institute of Professorship and Education in Rouen

Like many of his companions, the young man received 378 euros. 378 and not 700 euros. “We re -read the clauses of our contract: the internship is paid only from the second quarter, except for the first two weeks of January. This sum corresponds to the months of January, February, March and April.»

Explanations from Normandy Academy

Normandy Academy has “911 Master 1 students at the beginning of the 2021 school year”. They were “led to begin their internship [rémunéré, NDLR] in the second semester of this first year of the master’s degree (from January to June 2022). They will pursue it in the first semester of their second year of master’s degree (from September 2022 to January 2023) ”, the rectorate specified.

This internship gives you an overall bonus of 1,236.60 euros for the entire duration of the internship, which is spread over two years of the master’s degree. It is expected that this rumor will be monthly.

Rectorate of the Normandy Academy

The rectorate added that “all complete files” sent here by the students “will be processed on Friday, May 13, and bonuses will be paid in the following days”.

According to the Normandy Academy, this delay in payments was explained by the “novelty of a system implemented for the first time this year” for Master 1 students, following a reform already received by master 2 these rewards). The rectorate also cited the “health crisis that has placed an additional burden on academic services” and “an extraordinary number of students concerned (1,500 this year, 900 in the ordinary regime)”.

“We will remember this for the rest of our lives as a teacher”

However, this “hiccup” leaves deep disappointment for Jean and her colleagues: “Even if the first impression does not necessarily show the functioning of an institution, four months unpaid, we will remember it. throughout our teacher’s life. »

In the National Education administration, “trust has been broken”, he asserted. And Jean to arouse the desires elsewhere of some comrades who “probably” will choose to leave to teach “in the private sector or in the CFA (training centers for apprentices)”.

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